ZMi 65W International Travel Charger

One belt, one road to China's opening up, is a growth of many Chinese enterprises. Many Chinese companies are employees who have been sent out or are long-term employees. Many of the former friends complain about the inconvenience of charging after the different outlets. Many people will carry a switch to use in different countries. But if multiple devices need to be powered at the same time, it will be particularly embarrassing, because there is only one adapter.

As a leading brand in the field of mobile notebook accessories for many years, zMi has developed the zMi 65W international travel charger, which has a maximum output of 65W and up to three interfaces. It can meet the pain point of charging notebook and mobile phone at the same time. At the same time, in order to meet the socket standards of different countries, it is equipped with many international standard plugs to meet the needs of different countries.

Looking around the world, in fact, in terms of plug standards, zMi 65W international travel charger has covered all the mainstream plug standards, such as China standard, European standard, British standard and American Standard. In order to meet the voltage and frequency requirements of different countries, zMi 65W international travel charger adopts input chips suitable for wide voltage and multi frequency, It supports 100-240V AC and 50 / 60Hz to automatically match the voltage of corresponding countries, covering more than 200 countries and regions in the world.


In terms of appearance, the one I got is black. The combination of frosted black and paint black is very textured. There are replaceable pins at the bottom and one usb-c and two usb-a interfaces at the top. In terms of power, usb-c can output 65W fast charging power, which can be used to charge high-power devices such as notebook. Usb-a can support 18W fast charging, It can charge the iPhone 12 to 50% in 30 minutes.


iPhone Adapter

Everyone on earth knows that zMi and Xiaomi are "good friends". Naturally, they should show brotherhood when charging Xiaomi mobile phones. According to our actual measurement, the power of the zMi 65W international travel charger can reach 65W when charging the top version of Xiaomi 10. What is the concept? To put it simply, it only takes 28 minutes to charge the top version of Xiaomi 10 with this charger. The lightning charging speed brings better charging experience.


Many small partners may be curious, when the three output interfaces of zMi 65W international travel charger are fully connected to the device, what is the output power? After our test, we know that the total power of the three port output is as high as 63w, which is almost at full power output. At the same time, charging the three devices will not reduce the power greatly. It's good for those who want to buy.


iPhone Charger Adapter

It is worth mentioning that in terms of accessories, zMi 65W International Travel Charger gives a 5A high current usb-c to usb-c data line in the package. According to the official introduction, this is a data line with built-in e-maeker chip, which supports the maximum 5A current output, and the 1.5m line length can basically cover all use scenarios.


Of course, the most important thing for a charger is charging safety. According to the official zMi data, the chips used in the internal of zMi 65W International Travel Charger ensure the safety of the equipment when the equipment is output at high power. In order to protect the charging equipment more, several protection measures are built in, such as over voltage protection, input over-current protection, output over-current protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, low electromagnetic interference and so on, To avoid the safety problem of charger to the greatest extent, zMi as a big brand can still reassure consumers. For the people who often leave the country, this is an essential equipment. In terms of product size, only 71 * 71 * 30MM small fuselage can be packed into the backpack without having to carry the plug and back a plug-in. This greatly reduces the travel load. What do you think of the zMi 65W International Travel Charger with a price of more than 100 yuan?