Zimi 45W car charger makes charging more convenient on the road

I remember when I was in college, the output of Nokia's charger was 5V 0.5A. More than 10 years later, the fast charging technology has been popularized. At present, the common chargers will reach 18W, and Huawei even has 40W super fast charging. Fast charging technology can be said to be used and never go back, 10 minutes can charge 20% or even 30% of the electricity, so that charging does not have to wait. It's time to upgrade the power of the car charger?

At the end of this year, Zimi launched a 45W car charger. How powerful is this charger? Let's have a loo

1、 Unpacking and appearance

The packaging of Zimi's 45W car charger is very small, and the appearance of the product is reflected in the packaging box. At present, only this black color is available for this product.

The back of the package introduces the characteristics of the product. 45W is the biggest highlight of the product. The production date is November 2019, not long after it was released. The package contains a car charger and a manual. The shape of the product is basically the same as the common car charger on the market. It is horn shaped and three metal contacts are used to connect with the position of the cigarette lighter on the car. The front of the car charger is round with a bright black edge and a matte black texture in the middle. The charger provides a usb-a and a usb-c Jack. The type-C jack is rare in the car charger, but it must be the development trend in the future. Below the two jacks is the logo of ZM purple rice. In addition, did you notice that the usb-a jack is purple! There will be product information on the edge of car charger, including model, manufacturer and so on. On the other side, there are two jacks that can output voltage and current. Usb-c jack provides 5V 3a and 9V 3A output, and usb-a jack provides 4.5V 5a, 5V 4.5a and 9V 2A output. 2、 Practical experience

In fact, my car has a USB jack, but this jack is mainly used to plug in a U disk or connect to an Apple phone to play music. It can also charge, but the output is about 5V 0.5A, and the charging speed is extremely slow. Excited, I immediately plugged the Zimi 45W charger into the 12V power jack of the car.

Because the interior of the car is also black, it's a good match for the car charger. After the car is on fire, the purple rice logo under the charger will light up.

Maybe the charging protocol is different. Although the usb-a has 5V 4.5a output, the dash charging of the one plus mobile phone is more demanding. It needs to meet the original charging cable and the original charging head at the same time. Although it can't achieve the fast charging of one plus, the speed is also OK. It can also reach 30% charging in half an hour when listening to music. For Huawei mobile phones, it is obviously more friendly. Plug in the usb-a Jack to realize Huawei's fast charging. There's no problem connecting to Apple's mobile phone. The speed of connecting to the usb-a jack is much faster than that of the original 5V 1a. There is no type-C to lighting cable on hand. If there is one, it can realize 18W Max fast charging. Even if the two connecting holes are connected to the mobile phone, it can also achieve the highest output of 45W. Connecting one plus mobile phone and one Huawei mobile phone, the Huawei mobile phone can still display super fast charging. In this way, there is no need to worry about the problem of insufficient charging holes on the road.
Zimi's 45W car charger is generally worth buying. It has high black color and good texture. It supports Huawei super fast charging and Apple's 18W Max fast charging, which is very convenient. Even such unpopular mobile phones as Yijia will have faster charging speed. With it, you don't have to worry about the problem of insufficient charging ports and slow charging speed, and the car charging will become easy and fast.