Zhongxian innovation launched 25W PD fast charging series for Samsung S21

Since November last year, Apple's iPhone 12 was the first to sell without charging head, which led to the market blowout of PD 20W charger. All brands launched 20W PD products to share the market share.

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As Samsung's mobile phone with the highest mobile phone shipment volume in the world, the S21 series launched at the beginning of this year also follows Apple's lack of charging head. It can be expected that the 25W PD fast charging will usher in an opportunity of substantial growth in demand. To this end, Shenzhen Zhongxian Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. specially set up a branch in Longgang Baolong, Shenzhen Zhonghe Lianxing Technology Co., Ltd. to increase production capacity and cater to the market. Recently, Zhongxian innovation launched three new 25W PD fast charging series products, which perfectly matched the charging demand of S21.

The products launched by Zhongxian are single C 25W, a + C double port 25W and a + C double port 43W series. The product adopts frosted fine grain design, and the top is decorated with a circle of bright edges. It is small and round with excellent appearance. At present, this series of products are in CB, CE, KC and ETL certification, and the existing pins are in China, America, Europe and South Korea.
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1、 Single C 25W PD charger

The total power is 25W, the output gear is 5v3a, 9v2.77a, 12v2.1a, and supports PPS 3.3v-5.9v/3a and 3.3v-11v/2.25a, which is completely consistent with Samsung's original 25W charging head parameters. It can quickly charge to 60% of the power in 30 minutes, and quickly restore the endurance for users.

2、 Share 25W (PD + QC) charger

The total power is 25W. In the case of single port output, the usb-c port supports the maximum 25W output, and the usb-a port supports the maximum 18W fast charging. When the two interfaces output at the same time, the voltage will automatically drop to 5V / 3a.

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3、 Independent two channel 25W PD + 18W QC charger
iPhone 12 charger cable
Dual port independent fast charging output, two interfaces do not interfere with each other, usb-c port supports the maximum 25W output, usb-a port supports the maximum 18W fast charging output, and can meet the fast charging needs of two mobile phones. The total power is 43W.

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