Zhengtuo superport S3 second generation 65W Gan charging head: more efficient flash charging

1 About Gan charger

In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, gallium nitride charging technology has been widely used in the charging head. Many gallium nitride manufacturers continue to follow up and develop a variety of gallium nitride charging head, which has become one of the necessary accessories for business travelers. As a new material, gallium nitride has the characteristics of stability, high density, high temperature resistance and small volume. It has been used in high power and high speed optoelectronic devices.


With the development of battery technology, fast charging has become an effective way to solve the problem of excessive power consumption of electronic equipment. With more and more electronic devices supporting the type-C charging protocol, the third-party fast charging head has become a new choice for users, such as the product of zhengtuo, a good third-party fast charging manufacturer.

Generally, you need to carry MBP notebook computers, two mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets when you go out. You need a medium-sized storage bag for the charging head. In fact, the three charging heads plus the data cable take up a lot of space, and it's easy to forget to carry them. I've been thinking about buying a fast charging head that can meet the charging needs of mobile phones and computers at the same time to solve the problem of multiple fast charging heads and charging wires taking up space.

2 Zenture zhengtuo superport S3 second generation 65W Gan fast charging head

After reading a lot on the Internet, I finally decided to choose zenture zhengtuo's 65W Gan fast charging head, because it has three charging ports, which can meet the power demand of three devices at the same time. Zhengtuo is a professional charging brand company established in Silicon Valley of the United States in 2013. Its products have a very good reputation at home and abroad.


Zenture zhengtuo has a complete product line, from compact power bank to outdoor large capacity energy storage small power station, the common needs of users can be met. Zhengtuo adheres to the concept of "let the power supply be everywhere" in the user scene, and fully meets the power demand of outdoor and travel user groups.

Compared with the first generation, the second generation of zhengtuo superport S3 has a large upgrade range. The most obvious is its smaller size, which is very attractive to users with high portability requirements. With the addition of metal materials and frosting technology, it has a very comfortable feel and a great sense of design, abandoning the cheap feeling brought by the plastic shell.


The charger has two colors, black and white, for users to choose from. Users can choose according to their own preferences. In terms of volume, compared with the size of the bank card, the size of the second generation of zhengtuo superport S3 is only half that of the bank card, and the thickness control is in place, so the portability is still very high.

The plug adopts a foldable design, which is also the current design style of some mainstream Gan charging heads. It's very convenient to fold it up and put it in the suitcase when traveling on business. The maximum power of S3-2 is 65W. Even if you charge a laptop and two mobile phones, it's enough.

In terms of interface, there are differences among the three interfaces: C1 and C2 interfaces support 65W PD output, and a interface supports 22.5w output. According to the instructions, I usually connect to C interface for my computer, because my MBP is C interface, and my mobile phone charging basically uses another interface. I often need to charge my mobile phone and computer when I am on business trip. In the future, it will be enough to bring S3-2 plus a power bank supporting fast charging protocol.

The second generation of zhengtuo superport S3 has become the smallest 65W fast charging head in the market. It has high competitiveness in portability. In order to meet the needs of users for portability, the second generation of zhengtuo superport S3 compresses the volume to the smallest in the industry and ensures high configuration.


3 Zenture zhengtuo superport S3 second generation 65W Gan fast charging head evaluation

The target product of zhengtuo 65W fast charging head is the fast charging demand of notebook computers and mobile phones. My notebook computer is MBP, which can just be used as a supplement to the original 60W charging head. Of course, the main consideration is that it is convenient to carry more than one head, which can be used as the main charging head to meet the charging demand of mobile phones and computers.

Compared with the original 60W fast charging head, this type of charging head has the advantage of smaller size. It will not bring you the feeling of occupying too much space whether you carry it with you or pack it in a box. If you connect to MBP, you will find that it matches Apple's fast charging protocol very accurately.

My mobile phone is iPhone 11, because the original charger is Wufu Yian, so I bought a Zimi 18W fast charger. Although the fast charging effect is very good, every time I go out, I have to bring a mobile phone charger and a laptop charger, and the wire still takes up a lot of space. So, the emergence of S3 second generation has become my best choice.

According to the official data, it only takes one and a half hours to fill the 13 inch MBP. Combined with its own use effect and feeling, it is found that the data is almost the same as the official data. Of course, it will be better with the original 5A fast charging line. The speed of charging iPhone is similar to that of 20W fast charging.

In order to meet the demand of multi device charging at the same time, the S3 second generation 65W Gan charging head achieves double C-Port blind insertion, that is, both C-Ports support 65W fast charging output and 5A PPS. Usb-a single port output supports up to 30W fast charging output, compatible with QC fast charging protocol, and supports Huawei 22.5w SCP fast charging protocol.

4 Summary of zenture zhengtuo superport S3 second generation 65W Gan fast charging head

Although the fast charging technology has been developed rapidly, for example, when multiple devices are used at the same time, there will still be some heat. Of course, this is something that can not be completely solved by the current technology. I think the control of this charging head in heat dissipation is still good. The use of space silicon heat dissipation solution effectively solves the problem of heat dissipation.

After using the experience, I feel that the S3-2 is well made, and the Roman cylinder appearance will give you a bright feeling. Charging speed is very fast, basically the current mainstream mobile phones and laptops are compatible. It only weighs more than 100g, and the foldable pin can meet your storage needs. Charging is not only efficient but also safe. It is the best choice for business and travel experts to go out charging.

When you go out to carry, you can easily put the charging head into your pocket. After all, it is the smallest 65W Gan charging head on the market.