Zhengtuo Gan charger superport S3 second generation experience

In this highly informationized world, people's dependence on electronic digital products has reached an unprecedented level. The daily portability of the office and notebook can greatly enhance the work efficiency; the wireless design of Bluetooth headset on the commuter road can relax the mood; COVID-19 has suddenly become a bridge between students and teachers, while we have Every aspect of life is inseparable from the company of mobile phones. Although these electronic products are updated rapidly in recent years, and their performance and configuration are often improved qualitatively, which brings a lot of convenient experience to people's life. However, due to the limited breakthrough space of battery technology, battery life has become the biggest obstacle to the development of electronic digital products.

Since the battery capacity can not solve the problem of product life, so fast charging has become the mainstream method to improve the life of mobile phones and other digital products. High power, strong compatibility, multi charging at one end, small size, low heating, in addition to the fast charging design of the equipment itself, fast charging charger has become a new field for the majority of manufacturers. Here we have to mention a new charging mode gallium nitride charger launched in recent two years. Its core material is the third generation semiconductor gallium nitride. As the fastest power switching equipment in the world, gallium nitride has the characteristics of wide band gap, high thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and high hardness, which can make the charger achieve high charging efficiency and strong compatibility while greatly reducing the volume With the incomparable characteristics of traditional chargers, such as less heat and multi-purpose, daily travel can greatly reduce the pressure of insufficient battery life of mobile phones and tablets.

Zhengtuo, as a professional charging brand that has been deeply engaged in the field of mobile power supply for many years and has mastered the cutting-edge core technology, integrates the design of independent aesthetics with the life scene, and creates a number of ultra high power mobile power supplies and digital accessories with the concept of "let power supply everywhere", winning a wide user base. Since the launch of the superport S3 65W Mini Gan charger last year, this year, it has made a breakthrough and created a new S3 second generation fast charging head. It has made a new upgrade in volume reduction, full speed fast charging, intelligent compatibility and other aspects, which can bring users a more convenient fast charging experience. Let's experience it together.

Zhengtuo superport S3 (the second generation) interprets the compact and exquisite design concept incisively and vividly. From the three dimensions of the product, it is hard to believe that it is a charger with three port fast charging function. The 65.8mm × 30mm × 35.8mm ultra small volume will not occupy too much space in the bag, and there is no pressure for light travel.

Compared with the stereotyped cold and hard square shape on the market, the classic Roman column texture style makes this charger unique. The original charger can also have high appearance value, which echoes the independent aesthetic design of zhengtuo. Metal frosted shell not only has a better texture, but also is more scratch resistant and wear-resistant than plastic material.

Zhengtuo superport S3 (the second generation) has two kinds of color matching: black and white. The white style appears pure and elegant. The bright silver hot stamping logo in the upper right corner can increase the brand recognition and enhance the product's appearance.

The correct shape makes the whole charger look more concise. The edge part is smooth and excessive, but the edges are clear. It's heavy in the hand and won't feel like touching the hand. The weight of the product is about 100g.

Take the Xiaomi 27W single port charger I have on hand as a comparison. In addition to the slightly longer length, the thickness of the zhengtuo fast charger is almost the same. Its width is about half smaller than that of the Xiaomi charger, and it has two more interfaces and higher charging power.

The pin part continues the foldable design of the previous generation, which is more convenient for people who often travel on business. It can be folded and stored when not in use, which is convenient for storage and arrangement, and also can prevent scratching the items in the bag. After unfolding, the pin is also designed to prevent rebound, which is stable on the wall and not easy to fall off.

The input and output power parameters supported by the product are listed in detail on the pin side. The input voltage of 100-240V can be charged almost anywhere in the world, and the output also covers almost most of the fast charging schemes on the market.

One machine is used to extend the maximum difference between superport S3 (second generation) and ordinary charger. In the design of output port, this fast charging head adopts a three port output scheme of one usb-a+ two usb-c, which can realize the fast charging of three different devices at the same time, and when charging multiple devices simultaneously, the optimal charging efficiency can be brought according to the connection mode shown in the figure.

Both usb-c ports support the power output of up to 65W. Of course, to achieve the highest charging efficiency, both power lines and equipment need to support 65W fast charging, and have a certain relationship with the power remaining of the equipment. Blind plug can be realized at both ends of the dual C line. This is a pity that there is no power cord attached. Another usb-a port supports up to 30W fast charging. The specific single charge, multi charging scheme and compatibility can refer to the official data.