Zhengtuo Gan 3-port charger: 65W maximum, notebook standing, more suitable for fruit powder-Charger

Rarely buy charger alone, general random with enough. Of course, except for the iPhone, people don't bring a charger, so they must buy it. After I bought the 18pd, I soon used a lot of other chargers, especially the 18W ones.

With the purchase of the glory magicbook, 18W fast charging is definitely not enough, because notebook computers generally require 65W, and I have tried 30W power supply. The power consumption is faster than charging, and it doesn't work at all, so I have to find another way.

Now the charger is like this

Although I have a lot of chargers, this Gan 65W fast charging charger from zenture zhengtuo has kept pace with the original charger of glory magicbook. The original charger is responsible for staying at home, and zhengtuo is responsible for carrying it with me in the bag. Why?
Gan blessing

Gallium nitride (GAN), as the third generation semiconductor material, has low heat generation rate and high breakdown electric field. It is an important material for developing high temperature and high power electronic devices and high frequency microwave devices. Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of high-power chargers, which also leads to the current trend that chargers are larger in power but smaller in size. Sure enough, technology is the primary productivity,
Pocket products, easy to carry

The size of the charger has been developing towards miniaturization, miniaturization, high power and fast charging, and this one is no exception. Folding plug, lipstick size, half of the original charger's volume is naturally very attractive. Lesbians only need the location of a lipstick to take away. The location of a computer bag in a lesbian's computer bag is similar to that of a Bluetooth headset. It has a low sense of existence but a high utilization rate.

My use plan is like this, usually used to power laptops, but also to charge mobile phones and power bank, and then when busy with power bank and mobile phones, anything can be idle on the charger does not let it idle.

Three port fast charging, multi device compatible

Another key factor is that it has three charging sockets, two usb-c and one usb-a. In addition, the two usb-cs can be plugged in blindly regardless of the primary and secondary. It is no longer necessary to distinguish which eloquence is the main one. They both support a maximum power of 65W, which is quite simple to use.

An interesting and attentive part of this product is that the charging mode and parameters are printed on the bottom of the charger, which is convenient to view and the charging logic is very simple. In the case of using only one socket, C1 / C2 can support a maximum of 65W, and a maximum of 30W (support glory, Huawei, etc.).
In other cases, the maximum power of C1 port is 45W, and that of others is not more than 20W.

Real time test of actual power

Since it supports PD protocol best, I'll actually test the charging power of this Gan 65W fast charging charger from zenture zhengtuo for glory magicbook, and compare it with the original one to see how it works.

The real-time charging power of Gan charger is obtained by a smart socket power meter, and then the real-time charging power is obtained by testing with the original charger, and the charging power gradually decreases with the time. This shows that:

1. The power of Gan charger is normal

2. Based on the mechanism of computer protecting battery, the gradual decrease of charging power is a normal phenomenon.

3. This Gan charger can replace the original charger.