Zenture features of Gan charger without fever

In 2020, it seems that the high-power power supply of mobile devices broke out. Domestic mobile phone and notebook manufacturers are gradually launching mobile phones and tablets supporting 65W fast charging. The requirements for charger indicators are also increasing. Why do you say so? The device has excellent adaptability, but it has great limitations. The large-volume charger is almost used separately. If the five or six high-power devices in the home need to be used simultaneously, the patch panel is not enough... At this time, there is a multi output port, high-power adaptation, small size, beautiful color charger is not perfect?

Recently, a charger model named Zheng Tuo / zenture extension is found to be superport S3.

It is understood that zenture is a Chinese Sea brand. Founded in the United States in 2013, zenture is using high-end materials, cutting-edge technology and user-centered design concept since its inception. The products combine the spirit of geek and the needs of the public, and provide customers with innovative products that exceed expectations. In 2019, the brand returned home with its products. In fact, it has achieved a very good result in the hot sale in Europe, America, the Middle East, Australia, Japan and South Korea. After returning to the domestic market, we will build charging equipment more suitable for Chinese digital enthusiasts according to the charging and endurance requirements of Chinese consumers. In recent days, zenture has just entered the apple store, known for its harsh threshold.


Let's first look at the real face of Lushan. Open the package in hand, very small, put in the heart of the hand is very suitable.

The super port S3 is designed with foldable plug, which is to reduce the charger volume, and prevent other items from being carried or placed in the bag.

The power output end of charger is designed with 65W Max usb-c*2 output port +30w maxusb-a*1. It is worth mentioning that the dual C port supports 65W Max blind plug, which greatly reduces the teaching cost of users and improves the user experience; It can charge 3 devices at the same time to meet various charging scenarios. The identification shows that the two usb-c interfaces are perfect laptops supporting 65W fast charging. The tablet charging realizes the dual port 65W plug-in at will, and the bottom is the usb-a port which can support the maximum 30W Max fast charging. In fact, this is the unique dual port design of the charging equipment visible in the market. At present, all the high-power chargers we see are almost all large chargers with clear color, and only one usb-c port is output. It gives people a very abrupt feeling when thinking about it. Zenture took the lead in breaking the rules of superport S3.

The output power distribution is as follows:

Usb-c (1) /usb-c (2): 5v3a 9v3a 12v3a 15v3a 20v3.25a (65W max) is suitable for MacBook Pro 13 inch (5-20v 65W PD)

Usb-a: 4.5v5a 5v4.5a 9v3a 12v2.5a 20v1.5a (30W max) is suitable for Huawei P30 (22.5w SCP)

Usb-c (1) +usb-c (2): 45W (1) +18w (2) (63w max) is suitable for MacBook Air (5-20v 45W PD) + iPhone 11 pro (5-12v 18W PD)

Usb-c (1) +usb-a:45w (1) +18w (63w max) is suitable for Huawei matebook (5-12v 45W PD) + Huawei mate 20 pro (18W FCP)

Usb-c (2) +usb-a:5v3a (15W max) is suitable for the irpods pro (5v/3a max) + Apple watch (pro5v/3a max)

Usb-c (1) +usb-c (2) +usb-a:45w+15w (60W max) is suitable for MacBook Air (5-20v 45W PD) + iPhone 11 pro (5v/3a max) + airbods pro (5v/3a max)

To be honest, this power configuration is really invincible. At least for the moment, the nearly full power usb-c (1) +usb-c (2) +usb-a connector is perfectly combined and fully suitable for various scenes in the home office. The non real high power adapter, which is called 65W Max multi socket, is actually used to reduce power greatly and then is dumped several streets.

It supports flagship models under multi protocol, including Xiaomi 10, iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei's mainstream mobile phone manufacturers fast charging protocol: pd2.0/3.0, qc4+/qc4.0/qc3.0/qc2.0, PPS 5a, fcp/ SCP 5a, AFC, pe1.0/2.0, apple 2.4a, bc1.2. Support for Huawei SCP 5A high current, PPS 5A (small meter turbo charge 27W) and Meizu PE 1.0/2.0

The following figure shows the details of the compatibility of the mobile phone models currently available. I believe that more mobile phone models will be added this year.

Zenture extends the overall 1:5 smooth surface and Roman texture sectional design, completely abandoning the charger uniform smooth surface or grinding plane design, such a design is excellent in the grip, Roman texture with a frosting texture, stable control of operation.

The "zendare" product logo is printed on the wider stripes on the Roman texture on the side, which is the power on indicator.

Black technology has high power and no fever

It is a component, but it is not really like a multifunctional charger with 65W strength. Because this volume is not much different from my 5V 2A charger. Compared with the small meter Notebook Charger, it is also a 65W power charger

iPhone Charger Cable

Small meter charger adc6502:60mm*57mm*28mm=95760

Zenture extension superport s3:66mm*41mm*29mm=78474

Can we see that the volume is really poor out of a lot, although the volume is small, can the power keep up with?

This is also the point I worry about. Isn't the charger bigger in size and the more powerful it is? This is about to talk about gallium nitride of black technology. The essence of the chargers we use is the transfer device for current energy conversion. Input terminal 220V AC is loaded on the pulse width control switch tube, and the primary electric energy is transmitted to the original side of the transformer through the switching frequency of the switch tube. After the power is fully stored, the switch tube is closed, and the suitable distribution energy is transferred to the auxiliary side of the transformer through the transformer. Through the rectifier bridge, the capacitance is converted to a more stable and reliable DC power to be added to the electrical appliance. Therefore, in order to reduce the volume of charger and the power of the whole charger is constant or even increase, the switching frequency of PWM switch tube must be improved. At present, the semiconductor materials of PWM switch tube of charger are silicon and germanium. At present, the corresponding frequency is nearly limited. Trying to increase the frequency again will only increase the switching energy consumption in vain and change it into heat in a moment, The risk factors of heat accumulation are caused.

In the chemical research, gallium nitride can replace silicon and germanium as semiconductor materials to pulse width switch tube, and can greatly improve switching frequency. In this way, all problems are solved with gallium nitride. The higher switching frequency pulse width switch tube transmits electric energy to transformer with sufficient and reasonable volume, and the working efficiency of the charger is improved in a moment, And the size of the entire socket is smaller.
iPhone 12 charger cable

Zenture has data to talk about the super port S3 charger, which makes charger the most easily ignored industry, and has been born as a black horse! The design is compact and easy to carry. The surface of the body with the personalized Roman column texture design shows the aesthetic feeling of the design. The dual usb-c interface supports 65W Max maximum power performance far beyond the same equipment, and supports the most abundant fast charging protocol and special protocol power of large brands. With the technology of gallium nitride and integral glue filling and heat dissipation, the charger has a small volume and can control the temperature better. At present, the pre-sale price is only 168 yuan, and a high-end data line of 100W Kevlar with E-MARK chip of 149 yuan is also presented during the event. In order to use such interesting black technology all Shunfeng Baofeng as soon as possible for digital enthusiasts, the whole industry has a maximum 2-year warranty in the after-sales, and it is replaced for repair. I understand my heart and move.