You can't use mobile phone without charger. How much do you know about charger and USB interface?

It's no exaggeration to say that mobile phone charger is the "gas station" of every mobile phone, because no matter whether the mobile phone makes a call, answers a call, or does not make a call, it does not answer a call every day. As long as there is a system or an app installed, the mobile phone will consume power even if it is in standby mode, but it consumes less power when it is in standby mode. Now let's talk about the mobile phone charger for the reference of netizens and fans.

1、 Interface of mobile phone charger
1. Samsung's anycall series mobile phones with long strip flat wide interface are customized by Samsung. See Figure 1 for details
2. Mini USB interface
Mini USB (version 1.1), T-shaped, small size, with anti fool function, avoid wrong insertion. See Figure 2 for details

3. Micro USB interface

Micro USB (version 2.0) interface is the next generation specification of Mini USB, which is a portable version of USB2.0 standard, compatible with USB1.1 and USB 2.0. It's smaller and faster than Mini USB. Some smart phones and older people still use this interface. See Figure 3 for details
4. Type-C interface
Type-C is the next generation of micro USB. Type-C is another interface type widely used in Android smart phones.

Type-C interface has been the standard interface of flagship mobile phones of Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo and other famous brands. See Figure 4 for details

5. Lightning interface

Apple phone USB interface, support positive and negative insertion. This interface can support up to 2.4a current carrying capacity, and the transmission speed is up to USB2.0 standard. At present, it is the standard interface of iPhone. See Figure 5 for details

2、 Mobile phone charger

1. Old mobile phone charger

Old Nokia mobile phone charger, charging current within 200mA, mobile phone charging takes more than ten hours, qc1.0, qc2.0 protocol. See Figure 6 and Figure 7 for details

2. New mobile phone charger

There are several new mobile phone chargers, charging current in 2A ~ 4a, charging time from more than ten minutes to several hours, according to different models, different chargers are configured. Support qc3.0/qc4.0 protocol and qc4.0 + protocol. See Figure 8, figure 9 and figure 10 for details
That's what I'm going to share with you today about the mobile phone charger interface and charger, and there are many other things about it. Because of the space, I won't introduce them one by one.

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