You can't miss these car chargers. They are very cost-effective and can help you in an emergency

When we choose to buy a new mobile phone, most of us will believe in the battery life promised by the sellers, but after a few months, the mobile phone usually can't keep enough power to guarantee the trial device to use the function of the mobile phone.

Fortunately, you can equip your car with a variety of powerful mobile phone chargers - whether you're an apple or an Android user - the things we recommend this time can ensure that your mobile phone's power will not go wrong during the journey. These are the best car chargers with fashionable appearance and reliable functions. Most importantly, they are cheap.

These little things can give you enough energy to charge your smartphone and tablet at the same time, and the fashionable appearance can make you look different when charging. Here are some chargers recommended by us. You can search their information on the Internet.
Moshi (reference price 180)
After the test of the market, Moses has become the undisputed king in the field of car charger. The Moses' car charger Duo (formerly known as Moshi revolve duo) proves that the firm charging method of the company is extremely effective. The charger can provide two USB ports with a rated power of 2.1a (12W) and can power two devices at the same time.
The anodized aluminum cover is as attractive as the original car charger. It is decorated with simple LED indicator light, which makes it more fashionable. The power management circuit of charger provides under current and over current protection. Not only the practicability of the charger, its excellent appearance design also makes Moses charger become the most popular product.

Jellycomb charger (reference price 130)

If you plan to travel with your family or friends, mobile phones and tablets are always the best partners in the boring and long journey, but the power of the power bank is always limited, so the car charger shows its importance.
However, the car's charging socket can not meet the needs of so many devices. What should we do at this time? At this time, we should use our recommended jellycomb charger, which can completely avoid the war of charging ports. The charger socket is not two, not three, but six USB ports! In addition, the default socket of the car itself can fully meet the needs of two families, although the average car can't hold eight people.
The cable length of the charger is more than 4 feet, so it allows anyone in the vehicle to reach the charging device instead of using it only in one place. It can provide a total of 65 watts of charging capacity, which can meet any device you plug in.
Scosche charger (reference price 80)

Scosche's revolve dual is not a charger that only depends on its appearance, although it looks really cool. The compact charger features a low profile frame that is flush with most car power outlets.
This means that this fast charging charger is only suitable for smart phones that support fast charging. In order to minimize the risk of circuit damage, the model also uses the company's electric shock and charging protection function, which helps to prevent electric shock, overcharge and equipment overheating.
Powerbear charger (reference price 110)
Powerbear's fast car charger uses high pass technology, which can quickly charge two devices at the same time. The device is scratch proof and can charge all mobile phones on the market with at least 75% battery capacity in 45 minutes.

Powerbear promises to protect your phone, tablet or GPS from overcharge, short circuit and overheating. It also has a 24 month warranty, and the car charger is really good on the whole.