You can tell the true and false of 20W charging head by looking at it

Standard gram weight 58G

The serial number on the charging head is consistent with that on the box

There are many online tutorials for 20W charging head identification, but they all need to judge from many details. There is only one person in many hands, and there is no way to make a comparison. Moreover, now the serial number, including the appearance, and many high-level imitations of these details can be almost perfectly copied. So these methods can not be very accurate to identify the true and false.

Next, I'll teach you the simplest way. In the future, I don't have to go to all kinds of posts to ask the great God to identify you.


After getting the charging head of the mobile phone, compare the SN code on the packaging box with that on the charging head. If not, it must be false, so you don't have to look at other ones. Of course, there are some special channels out of the original charging head, is not packaged, so will be equipped with packaging box, which will also cause serial number inconsistency. But this quantity is very small, basically can't be bought by you. So as long as the serial number is inconsistent, it can be concluded that it is false.

Second, the weight of the original 20W charger is 58G. Due to different measuring tools and environment, there may be an error of 1-2g. If the difference is too much, it can be judged to be false.


If the box is lost or there is no weighing tool, you can also send a private message to me to help you see it.