Xtar vc4l intelligent lithium battery charger

As a flashlight player, usually the most headache is to charge different types of batteries. I used to use a double slot charger before. It's slow to charge, and the battery compatibility is not high. For example, Ni MH battery or super long brand battery with protective plate need special charger for charging, which is very cumbersome. The vc4l smart charger newly launched by axda can not only be compatible with more than 20 battery models, but also charge the ultra long battery with protection board. The following is the in-depth experience of this charger. packing

Friends who have bought exstar products must know that the simple style of blue and white has always been the consistent style of his home packaging. The front of the package is marked with the model of the product, and the side is marked with all the battery models that support charging, covering almost all the models of batteries that can be found in the world.

All accessories are: body manual type-C charging cable storage bag

It is worth mentioning that the attached storage bag is very good in workmanship and quality, which can effectively avoid scratches caused by friction between the charger and the items in the bag.


Xtar vc4l (hereinafter referred to as vc4l) is made of flame-retardant plastic and equipped with a large LCD screen to display the charging state in real time, which avoids the embarrassing situation of using ordinary charger and ammeter to monitor the charging state.

The back of the vc4l body is designed with multiple heat dissipation openings to dissipate the heat generated during charging in the form of passive heat dissipation. However, the maximum output power of 10W will not generate much heat even when it is fully loaded.

The charging interface is located at the top of the product and adopts the current popular C-Port design to reduce the trouble of taking multiple lines when going out.

Charging experience

As mentioned earlier, vc4l can be compatible with most of the lithium batteries or Ni MH batteries that you can meet in your life. I also use the battery in hand to do a simple compatibility test. We can see that the larger 26650 and 26350 will not affect the charging of other slots.

Vc4l LCD screen can accurately display the output current, the current voltage of each battery and the current charge, which is very simple and clear.

On the left and right sides of the display screen, the charging information of 1 / 4 slot or 2 / 3 slot will be displayed respectively. Press the button in the middle to complete the switching.

When charging lithium battery and Ni MH battery at the same time, Li ion (lithium battery) Ni MH (Ni MH battery) will also be used at the bottom of the screen to prompt.

Using a single cell to charge the 3000mAh 21700 battery, we can see that the charging power can reach 5W, which is in line with the power marked on the product.

When the battery is fully charged, the indicator will turn green, and the screen will flash alternately to indicate that the battery is full.
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When the four slots are fully loaded, the maximum power of 10W can be output, and the charging speed of a single slot is 0.5A. Although the speed is slow, the good thing is that four slots can be charged at the same time.


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As an intelligent charger, xtar vc4l can accurately display the charge voltage and charge in real time, and is compatible with almost all kinds of batteries in the world. The most important thing is that the price is only over 100 yuan. Are you excited about such a cheap and versatile charger.