Xiaomi introduces wireless charging bracket, luxury car fabric and 10W fast charging, can it achieve the sales of popular models

Car holder is no longer new. Many digital brands have launched similar products. As a benchmark of cost performance, Zimi technology, an enterprise of Xiaomi ecological chain, has recently launched a wireless car holder. It has a good experience after starting. Let's share the experience with you.

Zimi wireless car charging bracket is packed in cartons, and 3D rendering of product appearance is printed on the front. Accessories include zMi wireless charging car frame, fixed clip, car charger, flat paste base, micro USB data cable and manual.

ZMi wireless charging car frame adopts oval appearance, 117.2mmx73.4mmx100mm in size, two automatic clamping arms on both sides, and a layer of Alcantara imported fabric is used on the charging bracket panel, which is made of super fiber fabric imported from Italy. This kind of fabric combines the advantages of fabric and genuine leather. It is wear-resistant, soft and perceptual. It is also the same fabric used in many luxury car interiors.

The bottom of zMi wireless charging vehicle frame adopts U-shaped bottom bracket interface, which is compatible with mobile phone charging. There is also a micro USB interface in the middle of the bottom, which can be connected to the car charging power supply. After power on, it can automatically clamp the mobile phone and wireless charging function.

There is a fixing clip installation hole above the back of the wireless charging bracket, which can be connected to the fixing clip to fix the charging at the air outlet. There are cooling holes at the bottom to keep the internal ventilation and heat dissipation.

The way to connect the fixing clip is also very simple. Just insert the round head of the fixing clip on one side, and then tighten the knob. The fixing clip can be 360 ° Free activities.

The car charging adopts double port design, the maximum output power of single port can reach 18W, and the maximum output power of double port can reach 36W, which can meet the charging requirements of the main and co drivers at the same time.

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If you don't want to install it at the air outlet, you can also fix it through this pasting base. You can also match more models by pasting it at will.

The wireless car charger was actually measured on the car. My family's old car has been bought for nearly 10 years. There is still no problem with the zMi wireless car charger frame. It can be reached by hand at the air outlet.

Built in infrared sensor and motor, when your mobile phone is close, the clamping arm can automatically expand and lock after a moment. The maximum opening distance of the clamping arm can reach 81.5mm, which matches the size of most mobile phones on the market. Touch the side button, the clip arm can be expanded again, you can easily take out the phone.

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With the triangle structure of clamping arm and U-shaped bottom bracket at the bottom, the mobile phone can be firmly fixed, and there is no need to worry about bumping the mobile phone when driving. Support Xiaomi 10 and Xiaomi 10pro10w maximum power wireless charging, iPhone 11 and Samsung S10 can provide 7.5W power charging, so that your mobile phone can quickly return blood.

4mm effective sensing distance. The mobile phone can also be charged with a protective case. When navigating, it can be charged while playing the road conditions. There is no need to worry about getting lost when there is no power. For the interior environment of the car, wireless intelligent FOD metal foreign body detection can prevent the wrong placement of keys, coins and other foreign bodies, resulting in energy consumption and high temperature. Multiple protections, such as temperature protection, short circuit protection, power protection and overvoltage protection, make you feel more at ease!

iPhone 12 charger port

Use summary:

ZMi wireless charging car frame has electric clamping arm, infrared induction can automatically retract, and the panel is covered with Alcantara imported fabric of luxury car interior, highlighting the high-end, which can better protect your beloved mobile phone. Maximum 10W wireless charging, support shell charging, dual port maximum 36W power design, can meet the needs of charging while navigation, a variety of security protection, let you use more at ease.

If you want to choose a practical and safe wireless charging bracket for your car, you might as well try this one.