Xiaomi eco chain launched a new zMi wireless charging bracket, 20W Max wireless fast charging, 139 yuan

Car bracket is a necessary car intelligent device for many users when driving. Zimi is one of the Xiaomi ecological chain companies. It has launched a new zMi wireless charging car bracket, which has a 20W Max wireless fast charging car bracket, and can adapt to a variety of models. It can be used as a car bracket and a wireless charging car to charge your wireless mobile phone. If your mobile phone does not support wireless charging, it can also be used as a mobile phone bracket in the car.

The zMi wireless charging bracket is a wireless charging panel on the front, and there will be a zinc alloy clamping arm on both sides. This zinc alloy clamping arm is different from that kind of gravity bracket. By optimizing the structure design, the smart phone will be clamped automatically when it is put into the clamping arm, so it can be operated with one hand. At the bottom is a charging indicator and micro USB interface, which is free of charge The charging line is in normal working state, and the indicator light is white and always on.

There is a mesh cooling design around the back, which can effectively reduce the charging temperature, improve the charging efficiency, and ensure the charging speed and time. It is also through multiple strengthening and strict testing to ensure the safety of use. It has five protection functions: temperature protection, short circuit protection, power protection, overvoltage protection and foreign body detection, which can make you charge quickly Use of electricity. Below will be a simple parameter details of zMi wireless charging bracket, the most basic parameters about this wireless charging bracket.

At the joint, the universal rotary ball can be adjusted 360 degrees at will to meet the normal needs of all angles. The advantage of the universal rotary ball is that it can easily rotate the angle by using skillful force, with small force and large angle. The connection between the paste base and its connection is to clamp the base with the clamp of the fixed clamp, so as to fix the paste base. When the fixed clamp cannot be used, the paste base can be used to fix the zMi Wireless charging bracket.

There are two ways to fix the zMi wireless charging bracket in the car: one is to fix it in the air outlet through the fixing clip, which can adapt to the air outlet of most models; the other is to fix the frame through the plane pasting base in the package. The plane pasting is very sticky and can be fixed in the car stably. It is simple and easy to operate. Fix your mobile phone on the bracket while charging No need to worry about the power failure of your mobile phone.

In the package version of zMi car charger, there are two USB intelligent output ports. A single red USB output port can provide 27W for intelligent devices Max charging efficiency: this car charger supports fast charging devices, and can meet the maximum 20W wireless output. Charging will be faster than ordinary car chargers, intelligent and compatible. The compatible devices also include AGM, apple, Xiaomi and other models on the market, and the charging power will vary according to different mobile phone models.

A triangle is formed between the zinc alloy clamping arm and the bottom bracket. The triangle is the most firm and stable. There are plastic and anti-skid pads inside the clamping arm and the bottom bracket. The bottom bracket can prevent your mobile phone from sliding after the clamping arm is clamped. It just allows you to maintain normal wireless charging. The zinc alloy clamping arm and the bottom bracket can take all-round safety measures for your smart phone.

ZMi wireless car charger bracket, as a Zimi's own product, has no edge with Xiaomi. It can launch a 139 yuan wireless car charger with zinc alloy clamping arm and bottom bracket, which can bring more security and multiple protection for users' intelligent devices, and bring convenience for you to use this wireless car charger. The 139 yuan package version is also a standard version, which is too much for users to consider in use Similar products in the industry, this zMi wireless charging bracket with all your wireless charging mobile phones, can be said to be the most popular choice.