Xiaomi 33W Gan charger experience ultra small volume + rich protocol

[PChome mobile phone channel evaluation] at the K40 series mobile phone new product launch, in addition to two high cost-effective flagship phones, Xiaomi also quietly launched a number of hardware products, including a 33W Gan charger, which is very small in shape, high in power and complete in protocol, and has attracted a lot of attention since it was launched.

It's only one year since Xiaomi launched its first Gan charger. Although it's not a long time, it can be said that each of Xiaomi's Gan chargers has its own characteristics and has gained a lot of support from consumers. Before that, there were 65W and 55W models of Gan chargers on the market, while there were more non Gan models, covering almost all fast charging gears. The newly launched Xiaomi 33W Gan charger (hereinafter referred to as Xiaomi 33W Gan charger) continues the excellent quality of the previous two chargers. At the same time, the price is also very generous. Today, we will bring you the experience of Xiaomi 33W Gan charger.

The appearance is still simple, with 1m C-to-C cable

Xiaomi 33W Gan charger is only available in package version, that is, Charger + data cable version. The official price is 79 yuan. The packaging style is the consistent white appearance of Xiaomi charger. It can be seen that this charger is still supervised by Zimi, a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise. The manufacturer is Celcom, and the charger model is ad33g.

There are only three things in the package: charger, data cable and instruction manual.

The exterior part of Xiaomi 33W Gan charger is white, and the information of Xiaomi 33W is printed on one side of the case. The side of the fuselage is treated with bright surface. The corners around the fuselage are smooth, and the upper and lower sides are flat. The shape is similar to that of Apple's ancestral 5v1a.

In terms of interface, there is only one type-C interface, and the position is not in the middle, which is similar to most other Gan chargers.

The bottom is the standard GB two plugs, specific information can see the specific parameters. Input: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 0.85a; Output: 5v3a, 9v3a, 11v3a, 12v2.5a, 33W max; Executive Standards: GB 17625.1-2012, GB 4943.1-2011, GB / t9254-2008.

By comparing with common objects, we can see that the size of Xiaomi 33W Gan charger is indeed very Mini.

The volume is very small, it's beyond imagination, and it's extremely compatible
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Through the actual measurement, we can see that the circumference of Xiaomi 33W Gan charger is completely consistent with the official data. The length of the cube is 30.38mm, while the length of the charger is 33.97mm, a little longer. Of course, this is not the plug part.

In terms of weight, the measured weight of Xiaomi 33W Gan is only 49.8g, which is as light as a feather in 33W charger.

Put together with the previously released Xiaomi 65W Gan charger, you can see that the volume is almost half of the former, and there are some differences in the round corners and surface treatment methods of the charger. What impresses me deeply is that even if we use a non-standard compact plug-in, the two chargers can still be plugged in side by side at the same time.

Compared with Apple's ancestral 5v1a charger, Xiaomi's 33W Gan charger is actually a big circle, but the power of Xiaomi is more than six times higher.

Support fast charging protocol is very wide, charging Apple directly full speed

Ultra small volume is important for a charger, but it depends on the protocol. According to the official introduction, Xiaomi 33W Gan charger can charge apple, Android and switch, and will intelligently identify the fast charging protocol according to the protocol. Although there is no specific agreement listed, the official only gives one data, that is, charging the Apple iPhone 12 for 30 minutes can restore 60% of its power.

Through the professional fast charging protocol tester, we can see that the protocols supported by Xiaomi 33W Gan charger are very kind, including PD, PPS, apple2.4a, qc2.0, qc3.0, qc4 +, AFC and FCP. There's no problem charging mobile phones and Android tablets. However, due to power constraints, except for a few arm platform laptops, Xiaomi 33W Gan charger can't charge laptops.
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Reading the power delivery data of the charger, we can see that it supports three fixed PD outputs of 5v3a, 9v3a and 12v2.5a. In addition, there is a PPS fast charging gear of 5-11v 3a. In addition, according to the official introduction on the purchase page, the charger supports Xiaomi's private 11v3a fast charging gear agreement.

For the data line attached in the package, we can see that there is no e-marker chip without reading the wire through the instrument. The official label supports 3A current specification, we use other chargers to use this cable to charge the computer, we can know that this cable can support up to 60W charging power.

In the charging test part, we found two typical mobile phones for testing. They are Xiaomi's latest Xiaomi 11 youth mobile phone and Apple's iPhone 12 Pro max. Xiaomi 11 youth mobile phone supports up to 33W wired flash charging, charging with Xiaomi 33W Gan charger, and the actual experience power is more than 30W.

On the other side is Apple's iPhone 12 Pro max, which supports the PD fast charging protocol. Measured with Xiaomi 33W Gan charger, the maximum power is about 23W, reaching the peak of iPhone 12 series mobile phone charging, so it is also very suitable for the latest Apple mobile phone.

The official price of 79 yuan is the first choice for Xiaomi and apple mobile phone users
iPhone 12 charger cable
In general, the overall experience of Xiaomi 33W Gan charger is very good, with a wide range of supporting protocols, a very small size and enough power. If you are apple or millet 33W fast charging mobile phone users, you can go out with a charger. If you want to travel, you can also use this charger with the computer charger. After all, it weighs less than 50g and can be ignored in your luggage.

In terms of price, the official price of Xiaomi 33W Gan charger is 79 yuan, and the white version includes a 1m 3A data line; The same brand of Zimi 33W charger is 78.9 yuan, equipped with a 1.5m 3A data cable. Apart from the brand and other factors, if users are sensitive to color, they can choose according to their own discretion. If there are not too many special needs, in fact, there is no difference in the purchase experience.