Would you like to recommend a better Apple data cable, the original is too expensive to buy?

I have a strong sense of substitution, so I came here uninvited! I'm an old apple fan. When Joe was still alive, he first saw that the iPhone 4S was amazing. Yan Kong was satisfied with it. Then he changed from the 4S to the current iPhone 12 step by step.

Although almost every generation of iPhone will be replaced, in fact, I feel that Apple's data cable is replaced more frequently than the mobile phone.

For example, in addition to charging, I often use the apple data cable as a mobile hard disk. I have to say that the original apple data cable is OK. Before, I always bought the 145 yuan Apple data cable, but because my data cable broke down several times, I often lost the data cable, such as the company, the bus and the Internet bar, Up to now, I feel that I have spent more than 1000 soft coins to buy data cable!

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Later, a friend of mine who knew about electronic products said that "people are stupid and have a lot of money". He said: "in fact, the quality of Apple original line is really average. Because the cable body is made of soft material, the insulation skin is easy to break after many people use it for a period of time, and then the wire inside will leak soon, and then you will find that you will buy a new data cable soon.

It is reasonable to say that the quality of Apple's products is very good. I went to check the relevant information myself. In fact, the price of Apple's data cable lies in the material. Since 2006, because of the impact on the environment, apple made of PVC material has been targeted by Greenpeace. Apple has been attacked by various Greenpeace organizations every year until 2013, Apple has finally found a substitute for PVC and various additives, using the more expensive TPE material to make data cables. As a result, Apple's official data cable is particularly expensive!

Even if Apple's internal technology is very good, it can't avoid the hardness of the material, so there's really no need to blindly pursue Apple's official data cable!

Later, I began to buy data cables of other brands. After meeting kengdai's brand for several times, I finally found a conscience data cable with high cost performance. At present, it has been used for more than half a year, and the quality is still high. It can be used normally!

The one I bought before was taken away by my girlfriend. I bought another one myself. I can use both sides at home! Very convenient!

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It's said that the best thing to use is its alloy metal texture and super durable woven material. It doesn't need to be provided by ancestors like the original data cable. It's worried that it will be damaged anytime and anywhere. It's very durable! There are also many colors. For example, many people buy a green iPhone 12, which can be matched with a dark green one. The white one has high color value, and the black one is stain resistant. There are many options! According to different needs, there are a variety of lengths of 0.25m/1m/2m. 1m cable is suitable for home use. Friends who are far away from the socket can choose 2m length, which can be recharged with power bank or used in car. If you don't want to bend and roll the data cable into a ball, you can try 0.25m, which is very cost-effective! It's only 29 yuan!

There are ordinary models and 20W PD fast charging version. The fast charging version perfectly adapts to the full range of iphone12 phones. Basically, under normal conditions, 20W can charge 50% of the power in half an hour, with multiple pure copper wires. Sometimes I feel a little faster than Apple's original data cable! The actual measurement can reach 20W

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The most important thing is that the price performance ratio is not good enough. The 0.25m fast charging 20W data cable is only 29 yuan. Even the normal 1m data cable 20W fast charging is only 52 yuan, which is enough for me to buy three original data cables! In fact, I suggest that the original data cable is not bad friends can also prepare a few, one at home and one in the office! There's a substitute if it's broken! Very convenient!