Without charging head, apple leads the trend again?

When we buy a mobile phone, we often pay more attention to the mobile phone itself, but if we can add more accessories, it would be better. From the earliest era of functional phones, a lot of things will be packed into the packaging box of mobile phones. The more representative of high-end flagship mobile phones, the more abundant their accessories will be.


The following is a picture of the Nokia N97 out of the box. You can see that in addition to the mobile phone, it also comes with accessories such as charger, USB cable, wired remote control, headset, touch pen, cleaning cloth, etc. in addition, it even lavishly gives an Ovi CD and a thick stack of instructions for users to download software according to their needs. In those years, it is one of the most luxurious configurations.

Of course, even in the era of smart phones, some accessories will disappear completely because they lose the necessity of existence, but some manufacturers will choose to continue to offer a lot of accessories, such as the following vivo x9, which comes with its own mobile phone case and film, but also an additional set of mobile phone case and film, including earphone, data cable, quick charging head, instruction manual and card pin, If you ignore the configuration price, you may even think that this is the only treatment for high-end flagship.


But with the passage of time, manufacturers are becoming more and more stingy. Without headphones, the shell film has disappeared from all kinds of mobile phone packaging boxes. Recently, even the charger has to pay for it, which is ridiculous.


In the latest iPhone 12 box, there is only one mobile phone, a usb-c cable and a thin manual left, and nothing else. You know, last year's iPhone 11 had headphones and 5V 1A chargers, which disappeared from the latest iPhone box only one year later.

Apple's website explains the accessory issue like this: "as part of the effort to achieve environmental goals, the iPhone 12 series doesn't come with a power adapter or earpods."


For the sake of environmental protection, this reason is very sufficient for apple. Therefore, not only the iPhone 12, including the iPhone 11, the iPhone XR and the iPhone se2 currently on sale, but also the two new Apple watches on sale, have removed the charger, and only the iPad product has survived.


It's understandable to say that 1000-2000 mobile phones choose to remove the charging head in order to reduce the cost, but it's very puzzling to remove the charging head for 5000-6000 yuan iPhone. If you don't remove the charging head sooner or later, you have to wait until the crucial moment of 5g replacement cycle to upgrade the network system to force users to accept this castration, which is very important.


And apple has not made appropriate compensation measures for this move, such as the affordable bundled charging head package. It seems that it did not intend to sell the iPhone 12 to those new users at the beginning, but decided to replace the old users.

Under the guise of environmental protection and pursuing profits, this is the essence of Apple's cancellation of the charging head. This is just the beginning. With the emergence of MagSafe, de interface seems to have been put on the agenda. If Apple really removes the lightning interface one day, guess what else will be left in the iPhone case?

I'm afraid we already have the answer in mind

Apple has made a bad start this time. Xiaomi 11, the first launch of Qualcomm snapdragon 888, is about to be released. In response to the call of science and technology and environmental protection, Xiaomi official said that it will cancel the charging head attached in the package. It can also be seen from the publicity picture that the package of Xiaomi 11 and iPhone 12 have been peeled off and thinned a lot.

It seems that Xiaomi knows what is wrong. Xiaomi also makes a supplement to this move: today, everyone has a lot of idle chargers. It's a problem for you and a burden for the environment. We know that this decision may not be understood or even make complaints about it. Is there a better solution between industry practices and environment?

What is the solution? Is there a charging head after paying an extra yuan? Or step pricing, users need to choose low-power and high-power charging head? Or is it bundled with wireless chargers? I'm afraid the answers to these questions will not be known until the 28th.


However, it's not terrible to have no charging head. What's terrible is that when we passively accept such behavior until we get used to it, the manufacturers will intensify their efforts and continue to make decisions on the cost.

No one knows what will be removed from the next mobile phone.