Why is Apple's original data cable so expensive?

Why is Apple's original data cable so expensive?

In Apple's China store, the price of a data cable is 149 yuan, which is obviously far from the price perception of ordinary users. Why is Apple's data cable so expensive? The fundamental reason is that Apple controls its "ecosystem" through MFI (made for iPhone / iPod / iPad) certification. All companies want to produce Apple Certified accessories, must carry out MFI certification.

In addition to Apple's original data cable, apple data cable has always had a huge third-party market. A person in the industry told reporters that in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, millions of data cables are sold by big brands in a month, while countless manufacturers sell hundreds of thousands of data cables every month.

Android mobile data cable is universal, which is different from the "Stocking" management adopted by major Android mobile brands. Apple strictly restricts the MFI standard used by these manufacturers of iPhone and iPad connection lines. Each apple data cable connector has a chip set by apple for "own person" qualification verification. Every time the IOS system is upgraded, the password set by the apple lighting line interface chip will also be upgraded, and the Shanzhai data cable without MFI certification will be invalid immediately.

In this way, according to the MFI standard, the enterprise qualification is evaluated and the factory is authorized to operate. Through the designated trader Amway, chips and connectors are provided to MFI enterprises. The designated firm Deloitte (Hong Kong) company regularly reviews the authorized factory and issues the verification report.

The general manager of an MFI authorized enterprise in Shenzhen told the daily economic news that if an enterprise with data cable wants to apply for MFI certification, the bottom line is that it must have its own factory, no less than 2000 square meters of factory, no less than 50 workers and ERP system. In the application process, the product design needs to be modified repeatedly until all parameters meet Apple's standards. This process takes about 3-5 months.

For the products applying for MFI, Apple will also have two certifications, namely AGS and OTA, at a cost of about $550 and $1500 respectively.

Apple will appoint Deloitte to audit every manufacturer applying for qualification, and will spot check qualified manufacturers every 1-2 years, so as to ensure the production level of third-party parts companies. The latter can only purchase components from Apple's designated suppliers in this way. Of course, Apple's profits are included in the purchase price.

Purchase chips from Apple's designated it component distributor, Avril, at a cost of about $0.50 each. But if we consider the materials to meet the needs of testing, the cost of each data cable is at least 15 yuan higher than that of "Shanzhai" data cable.

In this system, manufacturers are free to design creative appearance to increase the premium. The reporter learned that through the introduction of creative designs such as genuine leather and jewelry, the price of the product can reach 180 yuan, which is higher than the price of the original iPhone data cable.