Why is apple data cable so expensive?

One data cable is certainly not enough for daily charging of mobile phones. A small V's mobile phone must always have three data cables, one in the office and one at home. If you go out, you are afraid that the mobile phone will run out of power, and you also have one in your bag. It's not a small expense.

Maybe the fruit fans have such a question:

Why is the original iPhone cable so expensive?

What's the difference with the 9.9 packet data cable on Taobao?


Why should a data cable sell for hundreds of yuan!


Apple's data cable has a chip with high difficulty in encryption in the connector. This chip is used to verify whether it is Apple's "own person". Every time the system upgrades, the password of the chip in Apple's data cable will also be upgraded. The data cable without MFI authentication will be invalid, unable to charge, and prompt that there is something wrong with the charging device.

What is MFI certification? MFI, whose full name is made for iPhone, made for iPod and made for iPad, is a kind of logo license granted by apple to its authorized accessory manufacturers to produce external accessories.

In recent years, iPhone and iPad products begin to support fast charging. To achieve fast charging, we need the support of charger and data cable. The charger needs to support PD charging protocol, and the data cable needs to use the new usb-c to lightning data cable. The data cable is different from the past, and it needs to be upgraded accordingly.

The chip terminal of MFI data cable is changed from C48 to C89 and c94 introduced in 2018. The former will be used in the new usb-a to lightning data cable, and the latter will be used in the usb-c to lightning fast charging data cable.



In other words, if you want to use the fast charging function of Apple products, you must use the c94 chip terminal fast charging data cable. This chip uses a new encryption method, which greatly increases the difficulty of cracking.

The interface of c94 data cable is no longer gold, but silver. This is because the gold-plated coating has been upgraded to rare metals with very low reserves: rhodium and ruthenium. The prices of these two rare metals are much higher than gold. Their properties are more stable than gold. They can solve the problem that the yellow gold contacts are easy to be damaged by sweat.

In fact, we can also check whether the data cable on hand has passed the official MFI certification.

  1. Copy the URL below to the browser


  1. Then select "brand" and enter the brand name to query whether the corresponding brand has passed the certification.

This is Apple's official website, which is updated once a quarter. The data cables that can be found on this website are officially certified by apple.

When you buy data cable, you must choose a trustworthy brand.

Vokamo Apple mobile phone type to lighting PD fast charging line.

After Apple official MFI certification, with overload protection function, when the current and voltage is too high, it will automatically power off.

Using Apple's original chip c94 terminal, high-speed stable current, no damage to the mobile phone, stable data.

PD fast charging, equipped with vokamo PD fast charging head, can charge 50% in 30 minutes.

Nylon thread material, anti winding, tensile resistance.