Why don't mobile phone manufacturers cancel the data cable? What's behind this?

It is an irresistible trend to cancel the charger of mobile phone. After apple and Samsung canceled the charger, Meizu 18 no longer gave away the charger. When it comes to the reason for the cancellation of chargers, all mobile phone manufacturers unanimously answer: for the sake of environmental protection.

iPhone Charger Cable

Since the cancellation of the charger is for environmental protection, why do mobile phone manufacturers give away a data cable? Compared with charger, giving away data cable is a more serious waste behavior. As we all know, whether it's an Apple phone or an Android phone, the data cable is universal. Is there something fishy behind the fact that mobile phone manufacturers do not cancel the data cable.

Apple was the first mobile phone manufacturer to cancel the charger, but the iPhone 12 still comes with a data cable. Apple seems to have a conscience, but there is something fishy behind it. As we all know, the data cable presented by Apple mobile phone is USB to lightning interface, the charger is also USB interface, and the data cable presented by iPhone 12 is type-C to lightning interface.

iPhone 12 charger cable

In other words, if you want to use the original data cable of iPhone 12 to charge your phone, you must buy a charger with built-in type-C interface. Obviously, this is a disguised user's purchase of Apple's official type-C interface charger. Of course, consumers can use the previous 5W charging package.

However, Apple has another routine. The iPhone 12 supports 20W fast charging, while previous generations of Apple phones only support 18W fast charging. By changing the fast charging power and replacing the data cable charging interface, apple forced users to buy chargers at their own expense.

Data show that after the launch of iPhone 12 series mobile phones, the sales of 20W chargers on e-commerce platforms have soared. Among them, Apple's official 20W charger sold nearly 200000 a month, several times more than before; The sales volume of the third-party 20W charger also increased more than five times. From the data point of view, Apple has directly boosted the sales growth of chargers by canceling the strategy of giving data cable to chargers.

iPhone 12 charger

Similarly, Android mobile phone to cancel the charger, continue to give the data cable is another picture. For different brands of Android phones, the fast charging protocols are incompatible with each other. For example, the fast charging protocols of Huawei and Xiaomi are not universal. On the other hand, Android mobile phone fast charging technology upgrades quickly. Therefore, after Android mobile phone cancels charger, consumers can only buy charger if they want to use fast charging.

However, except for a few Android phones, the data cables of other Android phones are universal. More importantly, the cost of data cable is very cheap, a few yuan, and the cost of charger is very high. Giving away a data cable will not increase too much cost, but also enable consumers to pay for chargers, and will not be scolded by consumers for having no conscience.

It is not difficult to see that the essence of mobile phone manufacturers to cancel chargers is to maximize profits, not to protect the environment. On the one hand, the hardware cost and packaging cost can be saved by canceling the charger. You know, the packaging box of iPhone 12 is half smaller than before, and the cost of packaging can not be ignored.

iPhone 12 charger


There is no doubt that mobile phone manufacturers cancel chargers to maximize profits. Apple mobile phone data cable, is to stimulate consumers to buy chargers, but also to maximize profits. In contrast, Android mobile phones also stimulate the sales of chargers in disguised form through the strategy of giving away data cables. It has to be said that the mobile phone manufacturers do not cancel the data cable, and the trick is to make money.