Why don't cell phones send chargers when they learn from apple?

Thank you for the invitation. I remember when Apple released the iPhone 12 in October last year, considering the environmental protection, it announced that it would cancel the free charger. Then, Huawei and Xiaomi, the other mobile phone manufacturers, announced that they would cancel sending chargers one after another. If you buy Apple 12 now, there is no charger, if you need to pay for it.

The essence of the cancellation of the free charger is to reduce the cost of the product. Now the competition among mobile phone manufacturers is fierce, and several leading enterprises divide the market share. Now users have higher and higher requirements for the sense of technology of mobile phones, and it is difficult to attract users to buy without new functions. Even if the new features are released, the mobile phone does not dare to raise its price casually. It is always worried that competitors will seize the opportunity to occupy the market share. In order to keep its market position, we can only start from spare parts. Canceling the free charger can reduce the cost in disguise and seek a certain profit margin for the enterprise.


In contrast, I appreciate Xiaomi's giving consumers the right to choose environmental protection. In my opinion, this is a smart decision. Users can choose not to use the compact version of the charger, or they can choose to buy the package version of the matching charger. However, the cancellation of the free charger is a win-win situation for users and enterprises. Only when enterprises have a certain profit margin can they have the money to develop better technological innovation mobile phones to meet the needs of users. Because the charger of Android mobile phone manufacturer is expensive, it increases the size of the mobile phone packaging box and increases unnecessary cost. After all, the super fast filling head of 30W, 55W, 65W and 120W is really very expensive and huge!


Large, high power, fast charging head (picture from Internet)


Apple does not send 5W charging head, so Android manufacturers also began to scratch, eager to try. If it wasn't for the masses to shout loudly, it would have been a large-scale real-scale installation!

PD fast charging data line attached to Apple


Although iPhone does not send 5W charging head, it upgrades gold-plated lightning charging line to rhodium ruthenium alloy lightning fast charging line. Gold Plated charging line is expensive, rhodium ruthenium alloy PD fast charging line is more expensive! Apple's main purpose is to reduce costs in transportation and, by the way, contribute to environmental protection.

Rhodium ruthenium alloy on the left and gold plating on the right

Android mobile phone can not learn from this side, because Android mobile phone battery is generally large, not fast charging really very affect the experience.

At present, many mobile phone factories have begun to fix the charger specifications, preparing for the cancellation of the charging head in the future. I will take millet mobile phone for example, the charger of millet mobile phone is 18, 33W, 55W, 65W, 120W. The specifications of the Xiaomi wireless charger are even more fixed, which is to prepare for canceling the charger in the future!


Price of quick filling head of millet


It is inevitable that the major mobile phone manufacturers cancel the charging head, because this can save a large amount of cost! I personally guess that most manufacturers will cancel the attached charging heads in a bright and clear way next year.


Although gallium nitride technology can reduce the charge head, the cost of gallium nitride is too high, and it is wise to cancel it directly. In short, they are businessmen, and they are eager to find something that can save costs and improve profits.


When I see the Apple phone with charger and see that the mobile phone can be taken without charger, I just know that the future Xiaomi mobile phone will not bring the charger again. Other manufacturers will gradually remove the charger. What they recommend is wireless charging, which is also the future trend. The wireless charging will be more and more convenient in the future, and the charging speed will be faster and faster, Most people will gradually use wireless charging. Chargers like those that were brought before will get more and more chicken.


But now, we don't have a charger, not our own choice, but the manufacturers take it out without price reduction. This makes it not easy for most people to accept.

Information of Weiquan wt6636f.


According to the charging head network, wt6636f's products include theone 65W 1a1c fast charging charger, redmibook Pro 15 notebook standard 100W charger, Qingke Mini 45W fast charging charger, LG gram notebook standard 65W Gan charger, Lenovo ThinkPlus 65W Gan lipstick power pro, Netease Zhizao 61W Gan fast charging, etc, There are dozens of fast charging products using Weiquan's chip. Summary of dismantling charging head net


Lenovo's laptop adapter has its own input and output cables, and the input and power cables can be replaced. It can be used in most parts of the world, and is very friendly to business users. Compared with the notebook power supply with traditional interface, this accessory has its own usb-c interface, and has four voltage ranges of 5V, 9V, 15V and 20V. The maximum output power is 95w, which can charge the laptop very fast.

 iPhone Charger Cable

Through the disassembly of the charging head network, it is found that the AC-DC part of the charger is composed of Anson ncp1937 combined controller with Infineon MOS, and core source semiconductor mp6908 with Fuding synchronous rectifier to form a synchronous rectifier switching power supply with APFC. The output voltage is controlled by Weiquan wt6636f. The input and output filter capacitors are from Jinshan, Taiwan. The overall materials are very solid.

iPhone Charger Adapter

In addition, the internal components of the charger are sparsely distributed, and the gaps are filled with silica gel for reinforcement and heat conduction. The main heating devices are equipped with special heat sink, and the periphery is covered with large area of aluminum sheet. The input and output wires are insulated, and the details are also very particular.