Why does baby love "disk" data cable? Little quirks have their origins. They are too similar to "toys" in the womb

Unlike shuttlecock and leather rib when we were a child, there are so many children's toys now, and they are becoming more and more advanced and have more and more functions.

But many parents found that they bought toys for their children, even opened up a "toy house" for him. What children like to play is still those "toys that are not toys", and the most typical is data line.

Why does baby love "disk" data cable? Little quirks have a head
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Lily's mother said that she bought toys, dolls, educational toys and various kinds of cars for her daughter from childhood to big... Even her mother-in-law said she was used to children, but her daughter was not "cold" to these, but only had a special love for data lines.

No matter who the data line is in the family, it is all kinds of "disk it" in the hands of her daughter. It is not too pleasant to shake it. Sometimes, you can bite two bites and smash it. For this little quirk, Baoma is really upset. She complained in the group of Baoma. She didn't expect that everyone responded warmly and said that her children also had this "problem". Is this time that children are "customized" in a unified way? Factory with playful properties?

Don't say that the child's special hobby is really "brought by the baby". When they are in their mother's stomach, they will play with the umbilical cord. It's common to pull and tear the cord around it, even a few laps.

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Cord around neck is very common in obstetric outpatient department, accounting for about 20% - 25% of the total labor.

But Baoma also don't feel afraid, not all the umbilical cord around the neck means high-risk pregnancy, the fetus in the mother's womb feel bored playing with the cord, can be around can also solve, this is his only "toy" before birth.
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Data line is very similar to cord, thin, soft, baby will have a familiar feeling after contact, love to play is not surprising.

Besides, there are also reasons why baby loves it

In fact, in addition to the love brought about by this womb, there are also these reasons, and will make children love data line.

1) Exercise grip

The newborn is born with the ability to grasp and reflect. When you touch the baby's small hand with your fingers, he curls up his small hand and holds your hand instead.

In 4-8 months, the baby has stronger strength and the refined movement of the hand has been further developed. They can grasp larger items.

Compared with other things that are not good to grasp, the data line has a good hand feel, convenient to grasp, and can be knead into various shapes at will, which is popular with babies.

2) The germination of self-consciousness

When the baby is about 1, he will enter the germination stage of self-consciousness. When they have conflict with adults, he will be more inclined to stick to self-consciousness. You can let him go east and West. The more things parents strongly stop, the more important the baby will do.

And they will be curious about what is around them, and the data line is just one of them.

3) "Love complex"

Not only data lines, the things that children love are actually very broad, including bear, old quilt, towel and so on. Even if used to expose cotton, I can not give up and dish it.

This kind of love complex, which is called "transitional object" psychologically, can give children some psychological comfort and improve anxiety.

But when the child is over attached, parents should accompany the growth of the child, which is a manifestation of his lack of security, and it is only necessary to make himself the main body of the child attachment.

Although the data line is fun, the safety protection can not be less

Knowing why, parents may be more distressed for their children, but we can change a way to make children enjoy and be safe.

1) Throw an abandoned data line to play with the child so that you don't have to worry about the child playing with the data line being charged in case of danger.

2) Protect the safe use of electricity. When it is not charged, put the power plug and data cable together, and put it in a place where the child can not find it, so as to avoid pulling and touching the electricity arbitrarily. Before sleeping, it is necessary to check it once to make sure that there is no loss.

3) Instead of data lines, linear toys, such as snake toys, can replace data lines. Or find some real hair for your child, but parents must be there to look after them, and don't be in danger of twisting your fingers.

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