Why can't Apple's data cable be charged? After reading these three points, you will understand

It seems that a normal data cable can not be charged normally. This kind of thing should be considered as a routine for users of IOS devices, and the reason for it is mostly related to the connector of the data cable.

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As we all know, IOS devices use the lightning interface, so its data cable is different from other platform devices. Its biggest feature is that it supports blind plug-in. Moreover, the lightning plug of this data cable is also embedded with relevant verification chip. If the handshake between the mobile phone and the data cable fails, it will not be able to charge the mobile phone through the data cable.

Therefore, when the apple data cable is unable to charge the mobile phone, the following factors should be considered:


  1. The data cable is not supported

As mentioned above, Apple has embedded a verification chip in the lightning interface of the data cable to verify whether the data cable is supported

When the data cable is inserted into the mobile phone, the IOS system will read the parameters stored in the chip and verify the authenticity of the data cable through calculation. If the verification fails, the system will pop up a prompt such as "this cable has not been authenticated by Apple", and will refuse to use the data cable to charge the device.

Therefore, when the data cable we use cannot charge the IOS device, we should pay attention to whether the system has relevant prompts. If the system pops up a prompt such as "this cable has not been certified by Apple", it means that you are using a fake data cable. You only need to replace other data cables certified by apple to charge the mobile phone normally.

  1. Foreign matter or oxidation in the interface


There are 8 pins on both sides of lightning data cable, the fourth pin and the eighth pin (plug outward) on each side are + 5V and GND respectively, and these two pins are the key to charging. If the gold finger of the + 5V and GND pins is covered by foreign matter or oxidized or corroded, the data cable can not charge the mobile phone normally after it is connected to the mobile phone.


At this time, you can focus on the + 5V and GND pins. If there is oxide on the pin, you can use the eraser to clean it, and then try to charge it.


  1. Data cable broken


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In addition to the interface problems, when the data cable is broken, the mobile phone can not be charged. This situation is mainly manifested in the two sub lines used to connect the + 5V and GND pins.

Because most friends have the habit of charging while playing, and this habit is exactly the factor leading to the disconnection of the data cable. After the sub line is broken, the sheath at the broken line will be twisted. At this time, we can try to peel off the sheath, weld the broken sub line, and then use the heat shrinkable tube to protect it, and the charging function can be restored.



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After the data cable of IOS device is not charged, if the original data cable is used, the factors of interface oxidation or disconnection should be eliminated as far as possible. If the problem is not found, the new data cable can only be replaced.