Why are smart glasses not on fire

After the concept with a strong sense of science and technology has gained a lot of attention, there has not been much substantial progress in the consumer market of AR glasses. In fact, major manufacturers including Google and Microsoft have never stopped on the innovation and evolution of AR glasses, but we have to say that consumer grade ar glasses are still in the conceptual stage, which is still a bit of science fiction for most ordinary consumers.

Scientific and technological innovation from niche to the public, we must have phenomenal products to represent the breakthrough of the whole industry, and finally bring the industry to a new level, such as ihpone4 of smart phone, Xiaomi of smart TV and LETV. However, a lot of AR glasses have been produced in recent years, but all kinds of hard injuries make them far from the phenomenon level.

Obviously, up to now, AR glasses, which have been put into the market, still have a variety of hard injuries that can not be tolerated by the consumer market. The products that are still in the stage of experience machine and have not really reached the hands of consumers have a big question mark. Smart phones have been popular all over the world in three or four years. Ar glasses have been developing for seven years, but they still can't get rid of various defects, and can't form a product that can reach the application level in all aspects.

But then again, the market summed up the hard wound, but also pointed out the direction of the evolution of the product, each participant to reach the phenomenon level may be only one foot short of the door, but how to kick this foot, still need to return to the logic requirements given by the AR glasses product attributes.

Hardware design: not sunglasses, but as convenient as sunglasses; Software interaction: functionality is not the primary starting point of AR glasses product logic.

This is mainly due to the arrival of 5g era to promote the development of AR glasses. Because of the limitations of network technology, the former ar glasses are not as sci-fi and practical as the propaganda. And the traditional ar glasses are basically a monitor, lacking in many functions, so they fall into silence.

Now, with the maturity of technology and the arrival of 5g era, the development platform of our ar glasses is bigger and can meet the requirements of more customers. Recently, Apple released a forecast report that Apple's ar glasses will start mass production in the fourth quarter of 2019, and people are very optimistic about this ar. And this kind of glasses will also bring people a different experience from the past, more intelligent, interesting and playable.

In the bottleneck period of smart phone growth, although there are great risks and uncertainties in the future, there is still room for imagination in the innovation of play experience and the expansion of business model. It is hard to say that it will bring apple a second spring, but it is also a way for apple to break the decline of iPhone sales. I hope the price of AR glasses can be more people-friendly.