Which third-party charger is better for apple?

This year's apple 12 claims to be environmentally friendly, so it doesn't have an original charger. In addition to the original iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro max, we old iPhone users who "have a lot of chargers at home" in Apple's eyes have to buy 149 Apple chargers if we want to experience fast charging. But, here I want to say, isn't it good to buy a third-party PD fast charger?

Here's a power adapter for the new iPhone 12, Anker nano 20W fast charging charger, which also supports the PD protocol. It uses the same brand chips of apple, but the price is only 79 yuan (cheaper when doing activities), about half of Apple's 20W charger. It has the same function and is cheap. It's about the same size as the original 5W. It's very mini, and the plug-in socket won't occupy other charging positions. Isn't it better to buy this one? And recently also started a new version of color, this small color filled with purple is really good-looking.

The charging efficiency improvement brought by 20W charging head is completely visible. Through the measurement, the Anker nano 20W fast charging charger is used to charge iPhone 12 pro, and 50% of the power can be charged for the mobile phone in the first 30 minutes (equivalent to the charging speed is increased by three times). Compared with the "five blessings and one an" in Apple's old users' home, the efficiency improvement is visible.

With such high cost performance, it is the same brand chip used by apple. Anke also sells it in Apple's official store. The safety of this product can be guaranteed. Buy it with confidence and boldness.

Whether official or third party, all mobile phone chargers purchased in all regular channels on the market are 3C certified, as shown in the following figure:

First, there is no need to worry about safety issues with such chargers.

Secondly, the nominal output of charger voltage and current purchased by regular channels is consistent with the actual output, and it conforms to the range of charging voltage of mobile phone, which has no effect on the battery itself.

If you buy Shanzhai charger, the output voltage / current will hurt the mobile phone. The MFI chip and power IC in the data line will disconnect the power transmission, or there is no way to shake hands to quickly charge the protocol. Only charging with 5V voltage can be used. If the inferior charger wants to hurt the battery, it is not cut off, which is more difficult than making a high-quality charger.

Ps: there are problems. Generally, the first thing is interference screen. The power surge directly affects the main board and power IC, not the battery, or the shield. If there is a little water vapor, the 220V voltage is directly led to the charger shell. The charging manufacturer can do this part of the system, and don't do it at all.

iPhone 12 charger port

Instead of worrying about charger damage to the battery, change your bad habits when conditions permit.

1) Do not fill the charge. Do not wait until it is full and pull it out. It is recommended to turn on the function of [optimize battery charging] for 500 cycles ≠ only 500 power supplies can be plugged in.
iPhone 12 charger port
2) Do not discharge completely, do not wait until the automatic shutdown / low power warning is used to plug in the charger, and charge as soon as possible.

3) Try to avoid the battery operating at extreme temperatures.

As for charging power, as long as the mobile phone supports, you can buy a high-power charger at ease. Considering the other equipment at hand, it is not necessary to choose a bigger one. The 100W charger charges the iPhone 12, still less than 20W.

In terms of brand selection, as long as it is purchased through regular channels, as long as the brand you have heard about, as long as it does not exceed the budget, and see which one to buy in the right direction, we will not hurt the battery.

2021, let me answer this question.

Buy a third-party charger to bring us faster charging speed.

My apple device is a long-term use of third-party charging equipment, but it must have certified products, not brand or Shanzhai products.

iPhone Adapter

The power of Apple original mobile phone charger is only 5W, and the power of iPad is only 10W. The charging power of red rice is higher than that of my family. If you don't buy a third-party charger, the charging power can not reach such a high level.
iPhone Adapter
So it is necessary to buy products with higher power. It is really disturbing to think about the slow charging power when you need to charge when you are out of the house.

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