Which one is better now?

I have more experience in this problem. At present, some charging brands on the market have used it.

Because the mobile phone used many different brands, the first to buy is the original charger, more superstitious original. Later, after learning more about third-party chargers, they began to use more third-party brands.

For the products that have tried Pinsheng, the data line does not support MFI, and the pop-up window often does not support the accessory, so it is abandoned. The price of lvlian is very cheap. It is suitable for people who consider the ultimate cost performance. The quality is OK. Beisi's multi port high-power charger came out earlier. It's quite suitable for business trip. There are many standby devices such as notebook computers, but the current distribution is not very stable. Belkin is good, but expensive. I buy a lot of Anke products. The products in all power bands are quite complete and the quality is very stable. Both Anke and Belkin are sold on Apple's official website and offline official stores. The quality is not good. However, Anke is much cheaper than Belkin, and its cost performance is still very high.


After the iPhone 12 didn't send a charger, I replaced it with Anker's nano 20W PD fast charger, which is still very easy to use. Although it is said that more than 8 iPhones can charge quickly, and the new iPhones are equipped with fast charging cables, I didn't know that I still use the 5W charging head of apple. People who have used it should know that 5W charging is really slow, and they are dissatisfied with charging in two or three hours. When there is a temporary charging demand, it is really sad to be dead. The charging line attached is easy to break down. Later, I knew that there was a fast charging thing under the popular science of friends. But because I was a quality party, I thought about buying Apple's official 20W charging head and fast charging line, but, The original is too expensive and a little big. I don't think it's worth it for a student party. At that time, it was really super tangled. Fortunately, my friend recommended Anker Anker Anker's nano 20W fast charging charger. It said that the chips used by apple and the factory were used. The brand has always cooperated with apple, and the quality can be completely assured. Plus I saw his new super rated lotus green / Lavender ash quick fill suit. The 180+ price was also suitable, and I ordered the order decisively.


Anker has the same charging power as apple, which is 20W, but the volume of the charging head is more than half smaller than that of apple. It is about the size of Apple's 5W charging head, and there is no pressure to put the pocket. I compared the speed with my friend Apple's official 20W charging head, which feels like the speed is similar, so the charging speed is OK, and it can charge more than 50% in half an hour.

Its texture is still very advanced. The charging head is made of ground sand on all sides and it is not easy to scratch. The color of mint green / Lavender ash is relatively small and fresh as a whole. The matching quick filling line is not only very beautiful texture but also barbell. It is said that what skin line is, it has to be said to be really soft and really not knot, and also brings the storage rope, which is super practical.

I sincerely recommend Anker brand as a quality party like me. Besides the nano with apple, their family is also a brand of apple cooperation. I also went to search for it, and I could really search other products in Apple store, or it is much safer than some unknown brands. Anyway, so far, I have not found that his family is fast charging strange fever. After all, the charging head is also a digital accessory that is frequently contacted daily. Many people also like to put it on the bed. I personally think it is still the first safety, and must choose the products of excellent quality. Nano is not really different from original ones. It can be said that the price performance is very strong.