Which is a good 20W Apple third party charger? Third party Apple charger evaluation

As a modern person, now every day is inseparable from the intelligent digital products, in addition to eating and sleeping, nothing is better than the mobile phone. In addition, the use of mobile phone screen and entertainment is inevitably increasing, because the continuous use of mobile phone software is also increasing. However, in recent years, lithium battery capacity expansion technology has not made a qualitative leap. Then the problem of mobile phone power shortage comes one after another. It's time to challenge the time-saving charging magic weapon of light and portable super mini. This article and everyone to talk about Apple's third-party 20W charger, let's talk about it!

1. Nank South card charger C1

Nank South card charging head C1 is a hot brand of fast charging charging head recently. Recently, it was rated as "the best charger for iPhone 12" by major digital media in 2021. Its online popularity and hot sales have been sublimated and affirmed once again.
In terms of configuration, the main compact and light charger only weighs 42g, which is about 40% smaller than the ordinary 18W charger. The innovative 90 degree folding design of the plug is convenient for carrying out. In terms of charging, it can support up to 20W of fast charging power. As a charging test, it takes only 25 minutes for the iPhone 12 to fully charge 50%.
In addition, the cost performance of Nank South card charging head C1 is also very high. The charging head materials are of high standard aviation level. We have searched more than 30 suppliers all over the world and spent a lot of effort on materials and fast charging units! At the same time, it adopts the design of intelligent current control, with the exclusive intelligent temperature control chip, which can keep the low-temperature charging state all the time, effectively reduce the hot phenomenon of chargers and mobile phones, with high cost performance. It is rated as "the most cost-effective black technology charger brand for iPhone 12" by media websites such as digital technology.

2. Atlas 20W charger

The three-dimensional parameters of tulas ice charging head are: the volume of the charger is about 766px3, and the side of the whole charger is slightly larger than the one dollar coin standing. As a benchmarking product of the iPhone 12 series, tulas ice charging head can charge 57% of the power of the iPhone 12 in half an hour. Secondly, it can also provide charging service for Apple's whole family bucket. With a maximum output power of 20W, it can provide a good charging experience for the iPhone 8 or above and the iPad. It is also suitable for the temporary emergency of large items such as MacBook.
3. Rolex 20W charger

Romex 20W charger adopts pure white design, with round body and comfortable touch. The shell is made of PC material, fireproof and high temperature resistant, multiple certification to protect charging safety. There are direct charging single port and dual port charging ports, both of which support 9V / 2.22a 20W output, and are compatible with IOS system. All kinds of Apple products can be charged, and the charging speed is three times that of ordinary chargers, which can be charged 60% in 30 minutes.

4. Lvlian 20W charger

Lvlian small diamond charger is compact, with white shell and bright surface texture, and the input and output terminals are frosted. The whole is white and smooth, and the corners are round. Single usb-c output configuration, PC flame-retardant shell overall design style continues the style of green charger. In such a small size, lvlian also uses foldable pins, which is a rare foldable Mini 20W charger in the industry. When going out, the pin is stored in the shell to avoid scratching other objects in the bag, which is quite portable.