Which brand of wireless charger is better? Apple Wireless charger brand

Nowadays, mobile phones have become essential products, and when it comes to the necessary accessories of mobile phones, there is absolutely no lack of power bank products. At present, the brands and models of power bank on the market are even far more than those of mobile phones on sale, so consumers are easily confused when buying. Now the most popular power bank basically has several characteristics, such as exquisite appearance, sufficient capacity, light weight, multi interface multi fast charging protocol is also the key. Of course, brand is also very important. After all, it is the guarantee of quality. So, which brand of wireless charger is better? I've sorted out some brands of wireless chargers designated by apple.

1. Nank South card magnetic absorption wireless power bank pow3

Nank South card magnetic suction wireless power bank pow3, with its hot sales, is undoubtedly the first in the field of magnetic suction wireless power bank. This MagSafe wireless power bank mainly features MagSafe wireless fast charging, and can support 22.5w PD wired fast charging in addition to wireless charging. It has been recommended in various media of digital technology, and is very popular in the circle of iPhone 12 and digital technology.
The configuration of Nank South card magnetic absorption wireless power bank pow3 is excellent. It adopts the MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charging device of iPhone 12 and its rare wireless charging coil, which improves the wireless fast charging performance of Nank South card magnetic absorption wireless power bank pow3. In addition to wireless charging, the fuselage is also equipped with two 22.5w wired fast charging output interfaces, which means that it can charge three devices at the same time. This fast charging performance is among the best in the industry.
It also supports the low current charging mode. Long press the switch to enter the low current charging mode. It can charge the airpods wirelessly. It is no longer afraid that the Bluetooth headset is dead. In addition, Nank wireless power bank also won the title of "best companion for iPhone 12 in 2021".
2. Purple rice wireless charger
Zimi's wireless charger is very delicate and compact. Among the many wireless chargers in Xiaobian's hands, the volume is relatively light. The material used on the back of the wireless charger is special. The imported fabric has the characteristics of strong wear resistance, good handle and good softness. Its compatibility is also good. Qi wireless charging protocol is applicable to most devices supporting wireless charging, and the output power of some devices is more than 10W.
3. Pinsheng wireless charger
The ts-c106w-a wireless charger adopts a round shape with a diameter of 93.7mm, slightly wider than the iPhone 11 max. In the words of fabric weaving manufacturers, it is Nordic style, which can increase the stability of mobile phone contact, and also become a distinctive ornament on the desktop, without affecting the heat dissipation. Its charging parameters are 5v2a and 9v2a; its output is 5v1a and 9v1.1a; its corresponding output power is 5W, 7.5W and 10W.

4. Belkin 15W wireless charger

Belkin's wireless charger adopts the round cake design, which is small and does not occupy any land. The top and bottom of the body are designed for stability and heat dissipation, which makes the charging experience better. Its charging performance supports 15W output, downward compatible with 10W, 7.5W and 5W wireless charging modes, and has passed CE and Qi certification.