Which brand of cycling glasses is good

The design of riding glasses is to stick on the skin to prevent wind and sand. Nowadays, gridin glasses generally have several detachable lenses, which are sunny in the daytime, black or gray in the evening. If you use yellow brand at night, there are more than 3000 high-end ones and about 50 low-end ones

Lingtai optics is the most professional outdoor sports glasses design and manufacturing company in China. It has two brands: Ruby sports and

Farrova series of sports sunglasses, ruby sports (super dare to move) positioning in the outdoor cycling entry version, farrova (farrova)

The latest international top materials and technology are used to deduce the highest level of domestic outdoor cycling sports glasses.

Riding glasses also pay attention to the comfort of wearing, which is related to its texture and size. At the same time, we also pay attention to the choice of lenses?? Different colors and textures of lenses have different light transmittance and UV protection effects. If you want to face different sunlight effects in the process of riding, it is a good choice to choose a cycling glasses with different colors of spare lenses. Nearsighted friends can also buy riding glasses with myopia lenses, but the price is more expensive【 [note] although ordinary sunglasses can also block ultraviolet and strong light, they are not as effective as riding glasses in blocking wind and foreign matters from entering the eyes because of their leisure shape.

There are three choices,

Oakley, if you want to cut the eyeglass frame abnormally, Jawbreaker supports it, but your myopia + astigmatism degree can't exceed 600. You can search crossway for this. The car stores all over the country are basically customized with them. You can contact them directly, and there is no intermediate fee;

Rudy, not as perfect as 1, but also can achieve full lens cutting;

Embedded, is to take out a hole in an ordinary riding glasses and put the ordinary myopia lens in it; The first question, I'm sure, is universal

Second, everyone has a brand that everyone likes. If I insist on my recommendation, Oakley and Tuobu have good eyes... At least I think the quality is good enough and the appearance is pretty good

As for where to buy them, they are generally sold in cycling stores

Third, polarizing glasses are not for myopia. Polarizing glasses are designed to prevent the UV reflected from the ground from passing through your eye mask when you are riding, causing direct injury to your eyes, dizziness and even loss of vision. The designed eyes can be worn normally