Which brand of cycling glasses is good

About Oakley

Oakley, founded in 1975 and headquartered in Southern California, is one of the world's leading sports brands. Oakley has more than 600 patented skills, and constantly finds problems and seeks solutions in artistic ways. This common philosophy makes Oakley the most representative and common brand in the market. Oakley's transformation skills enable world-class athletes to play their best in the competition. Oakley is famous for its outstanding high definition optics (HDO) skills, which are used in areas including sunglasses, optical glasses and ski glasses. Oakley has developed from a global leading brand of sports glasses to a leading brand of sports clothing, shoes and accessories. Oakley's products include men's and women's professional sports series and active lifestyle series. Oakley is the Luxottica group

Riding glasses and sunglasses are different. Do not use sunglasses during riding. Riding glasses have more wind proof effect than sunglasses. Don't underestimate this function. It can greatly reduce your chances of conjunctivitis. So the general good riding glasses, in the riding speed too fast, eyes a little bit of feeling the wind blowing sad. There are also riding glasses that do not use glass as lens information. It should be able to greatly strengthen your injury when you fall, while resin can protect your glasses from scratch. The following is a brief introduction of the selection of riding glasses based on some sunglasses.

The types of solar lenses are roughly divided into: anti reflective protective lenses, colorful lenses, colored lenses, polarizing lenses and color changing lenses.

Anti reflective protective lenses: this kind of lens is coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride on the surface to avoid strong light reflection, so that you can see things more clearly and not be disturbed by strong light. To check whether your glasses are really anti reflective protective lenses, you can aim the glasses at the light source. If you see purple and green reflections, it indicates that the lens is indeed coated with anti reflection protective film.

Colorful lenses: also known as "dye lenses", it is in the process of lens production, coupled with some chemicals, so that the lens presents color, to absorb specific wavelengths of light. This is the most commonly used type of sunglasses.

Color lens: the effect of this lens is the same as that of colorful lenses. The only way to make it is different. It is to apply color to the surface of the lens. What we know most is "gradually colored lens". The color is the deepest one on it and then becomes lighter down. Generally, there are degrees of sunglasses are mostly to color treatment lens.

Polarizing lens: in order to filter the dazzling light of the sun in the same direction as the water, land or snow, the lens is used as the vertical special coating, which is called polarizing lens. It is best used for outdoor sports (such as sea activities, skiing or fishing).

Color changing lenses: also known as "photographic lenses.". Because the chemical substances involved in silver halide are involved in the lenses, the original transparent and colorless lenses will become colored lenses in case of strong light exposure to protect them. Therefore, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use together.

The effect and effect of the sunglasses colorful lenses without color:

In addition to the difference in quality, the following introduces the effect and effect of sunglasses with different colors.

Gray film: the gray lens can absorb any chromatogram evenly, so the viewing phenomenon will only darken, but there will be no obvious color difference, showing the true natural feeling. It is attributed to neutral color system.

Tea lens: filter out many blue light, can improve visual contrast and clarity, in the case of severe air pollution or fog, wear better. Generally, it can block the reflection light on the smooth bright surface. The wearer can still see the thin and thin, which is the ambition choice of the driver.

Green lens: in the absorption of light, the maximum limit to increase the green light to the eyes, so there is a cool and sound feeling, suitable for the eyes of simple tired people to use.

Grey Lens: similar to gray lens, it is also attributed to neutral lens, but the color is deeper and the visible light absorption rate is higher.

Silver lens: high density mirror coating is selected on the surface of the lens. Such lenses absorb more reflected visible light, which is suitable for outdoor sports.

Yellow lenses: strictly speaking, such lenses are not attributed to solar lenses, because they hardly reduce visible light, but in foggy and evening, yellow lenses can move forward in contrast and provide more accurate images, so they are also called night mirrors. Some young people wear yellow sunglasses as decorative applications.

Light blue, light pink and other lenses: also decorative than practical lenses.

Dark green lens: absorb the heat, bring cool feeling, but the light transmittance and clarity are low, suitable for wearing in the sun, not suitable for driving.

Blue lens: the beach can wear sun blue lens for Beach Tour. Blue can filter out the light blue reflected by sea water and sky. Avoid blue lenses when driving because it will make us confused about the color of traffic signals.

Transparent lens: transparent lens is actually a little light yellow, because of the light, so called transparent lens. It can be used as an windshield or rain proof mirror.

The most important effect of glasses is to suppress ultraviolet rays, which will greatly induce the probability of cataract. The strength and strength of UV protection are not related to the color of our lenses, but also related to the lens information and film. All the above colors should have the defense ability of uv380 or they should be replaced if they are any deeper.

Type of coating:

General coating: it is the kind of film like mercury that is plated on the solar lens, some shallow and some are relatively deep. It depends on the degree of sunshade you need. If the sun is very deep, the deep one is the same as that of the kind of sunshade glass on the car window.

SFM coating: the color is mercury / Rainbow / Blue / and gold mercury, high wear resistance, 6 layers of new information, clearer than ordinary plating, shiny.

Lens appearance: adhere to the original color, especially the light color and gradual color effect is clear, it is very simple to see the original color of things, the lens has luster, looks very sound, not like ordinary mercury is relatively dim. Especially, the perspective of the original of the mercury plated sheet is unchanged or slightly changed by 1-2%, reducing reflection and increasing soundness. If the fluoroscopy of mercury film with poor quality will be significantly reduced, there will be glare, which makes the wearer see his eyes from the back of the film.

AR coating: myopia or some high-quality glasses will be selected, it is a combination of multi-layer and extremely thin inorganic compounds, using the first-class machine to imitate vacuum plating. Sunglasses are often not good when they are coated on the back. It can advance the light perspective, clear and sound visual sense, reduce reflection, forward night vision, reduce fatigue, reduce computer radiation.

Revo mercury: it's all colorful mercury. Generally, sports glasses are used. There are blue revo/ black red revo/ green revo/ orange revo/ it is plated by 8-12 layers of extremely thin mercury, so it is relatively expensive, it has very good anti solar radiation effect, colorful color can match the color of glasses, and has waterproof effect. It has a dial agent when plating, which can make the lens surface very smooth, waterproof is that the water drop can be sensitive on the sheet, and will not stay on the sheet.

in summary:

The most common color of riding glasses is: it should be black, blue and yellow, transparent, and reflective.

Black usually strong light noon sunshine.

Blue in fog or low visibility climate.

Yellow advances clarity by increasing contrast in the mood at evening.

Transparent film is very important. It is not only used to play handsome, but mainly when the windshield and rain mirror.

The lenses should be used in the snow or high altitude areas with strong light and ultraviolet rays. Friends who want to go to the plateau must have a pair.