Which brand of Apple data cable is better?

Apple's data cable mainly depends on MFI certification, followed by brand and 3C compulsory certification. Generally, regular data cables have at least brand and 3C certification, and apple MFI certification, but the price is a little expensive. And those who do not have regular brand, there is no 3C compulsory certification line will be much cheaper.

MFI certification is a kind of certification made by apple for all the data cables or third-party devices that need to use the lighting interface. This certification has no technical content and will not make the charging speed faster. It is mainly equivalent to paying a "protection fee" to apple. There is an MFI chip in the MFI certified data cable. The function of this chip is to tell apple that this line has paid a protection fee for apple and can be used normally.




However, due to the high standard of MFI certification, it is said that the passing rate is only 3%, so the data cables with MFI certification are basically big brands, and the quality is relatively guaranteed. Pinsheng, a manufacturer of mobile phone batteries and data cables in China, is known by many netizens. It is said that it failed to get Apple's MFI certification after applying for more than ten times. In a fury, it sued apple in court, but the result was nothing. This also shows from one side that the data cable with apple MFI certification will not be too bad.

The data cable without MFI certification is not much different from MFI line in use experience, and the price is much cheaper. But there is no MFI chip in it, or the built-in MFI chip is cracked, so when using it, it may encounter the situation that the mobile phone does not recognize the data cable, resulting in the failure of normal charging. Usually, apple mobile phone may update MFI information after upgrading. After that, many netizens who use the MFI authentication data cable may encounter the problem that the data cable cannot be charged after upgrading the mobile phone.

Although there are some very cheap non MFI data cables that can be used for several months or even longer, this kind of data cable can save materials because of its low price. Wire sheath, core may not use too good material. This will lead to the instability of current / voltage during the charging process, resulting in the accelerated aging of Apple mobile phone battery. Some unqualified data cables may even have a short circuit, and even burn the mobile phone. According to Apple's official regulations, the use of non MFI certified data cable caused by mobile phone or tablet damage, is not entitled to the official warranty.

So if you want to buy Apple's data cable, you'd better choose a regular brand with MFI certification. Generally, the price of this data cable is not too expensive, and the cheaper one is about 30 yuan. The key is to buy one, which is easy to use. If the budget is enough, you can choose the braided data cable, and the joint part should also have reinforced protection, which will be more durable.