Where can I buy pinhole camera glasses

Pinhole glasses are based on the innovative theory of "pinhole effect" by Dr. William Horace schubetz, the world's ophthalmic authority. With scientifically designed pinholes, they can filter abnormal light, let positive light source pass through the pinhole into the cornea, and focus through the lens, which is similar to the principle of a telescope. Anyone with poor eyesight can wear pinhole glasses. Eye fatigue, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, and even pinhole glasses for cataract patients can improve vision. Pinhole glasses can not make the vision of myopic patients return to normal, but pinhole glasses can prevent further deterioration of vision.

Methods: the experiment was carried out

Find two soft plastic caps with a diameter of 30-40mm. With a red needle tip, make a small hole (about 1 mm in diameter) in the middle of the cap. Then tie two small holes on both sides of the bottle cap, and thread them into a pair of glasses.

You can see everything around you with these glasses. Strange is that whether it is 300 degrees, 500 degrees of myopia, or hyperopia, wearing it can see clearly. What's going on?

Knowledge extension:

This is based on the principle of pinhole imaging. When the light passes through the hole, the image is always clear regardless of the distance of the light screen. The retina of a person's eye is like a light screen. In general, people with myopia image before the light screen; For people with hyperopia, imaging is behind the light screen. The image is not on the light screen, so you can't see clearly. After adding a small hole, regardless of myopia and hyperopia, it can be imaged on the retina, so you can see clearly.

1. Edges and corners

Angular glasses is a kind of natural crystal glasses, focusing on the production of high-definition natural crystal lenses and the development of frame.

Angular glasses focus on the production of high-end high-definition natural crystal lenses and the development of comfortable and beautiful frames. Take natural, young, artistic, comfortable, fashionable, beautiful and fashionable as the brand spirit.

2. Mao Yuanchang

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