What's the use of dual type-C cable?

The most cost-effective line found at present! Good price, 3.1gen, 10GB, 100W, E-MARK chip, support audio and video transmission, or woven network~ Pet type-C data cable double head usb-c public to public 3.1gen2 full function PD fast charging cable 100W 5A computer charging cable straight head 100W 1m Gen2 C straight C 1. Convenient type-C device (some notebook with only type-C interface, such as MacBook, XPS, mobile phone, graphics card, etc.) directly connected to type-C peripherals (Mobile phone, mobile hard disk with C port, mouse with C port, keyboard, monitor, etc.)

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The common scenes are as follows:

Only C-Port notebook connected to mobile phone

Mobile phone / notebook with C port only connect to C port mobile hard disk

Mobile phone / laptop with C port only, connected with C port monitor (audio, video, power, touch one line)

  1. Compared with the traditional usb-a to type-C cable, the dual type-C cable has one more contact which can handshake PD protocol. The traditional a to C cable does not have this contact.

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Exception: the 40W charger attached to the new Xiaomi mobile phone is a port PD charger. After disassembly, a contact is added to the traditional a port to trigger PD on ATOC wire. That is to say, the charger and wire are customized by Xiaomi. At present, only this exception is found. The rest of PD can be triggered only through double head C wire.

  1. Compared with usb-a, type-C has many new functions (such as the video output of DP protocol) in addition to PD charging trigger. However, many functions of type-C to usb-a are missing, because there is no corresponding contact on usb-a, so the corresponding contact on type-C can only be empty, so the function is missing.

With the continuous progress of fast charging technology, the original usb-a can not meet the demand. In 2014, USB {type C} was born. After that, usb-pd, qc4.0 (and 4.0 +) and other fast charging protocols can only be realized through C port. By 2018, dual head usb-c to C charging wire has become the standard configuration of mobile phone manufacturers.

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However, it is worth noting that the common usb-c to C data cable is only [charging cable] (including the one in Apple products), which only supports USB 2.0 protocol, and can only be used for charging and transferring ordinary data, not for [video transmission]. It must support USB 3.0 (or above) protocol to expand the use of video. 3.0 line can be displayed 4K@30Hz The picture of 1080p is obvious. At present, the common cable that can support video (commonly known as full function cable) is USB 3.1 second generation data transmission (up to 10 Gbps), which can support DisplayPort video output (hbr3), and the price is at least twice that of 2.0. Apple's official USB − C cable (0.8m) costs 320 CNY. The cheapest one on TB is more than 69 yuan.