What's the difference between the 18W charger and the 20W charger on Apple's official website? Which one is more worth buying?

1 20W is worth buying

In conclusion, 20W is worth buying. However, this problem is no longer tenable, because the 18W charger has been removed from Apple's official website, and the original fast charger of iphone12 can only be purchased in 20W or 30W. In fact, the shape and size of 20W and 18W are exactly the same. They should be produced by the same mold. The word "20W" has been added on the screen printing of 20W for distinguishing.

Left: 18W, right: 20W

The manufacturer of 20W is Celcon technology, and the manufacturer of 18W is Yada Electronics International. The two chargers have the same appearance and benefit from the improvement of technical solutions. When the maximum output voltage is 9V, the current is upgraded from 2a to 2.22a, and the power is increased by 2W. When the output voltage is 5V, the current is 3a.


The internal layout is almost the same, the circuit and components are slightly different, and the hardware cost of 20W is lower. 20W is not a real replacement product of 18W, but an iterative optimization based on cost and technical solution.

18W on the left and 20W on the right

Let's take a look at the charging efficiency. When the 20W charger first came out, the charging head network did the charging test of five kinds of chargers. The data showed that there was no significant difference among 18W, 20W and 65W, but it was higher than 5W and 12W. Conclusion

  1. If you have 18W on hand, you don't need to buy 20W fast charging, so the improvement of charging efficiency is limited.
  1. If you have 5W and 12W on your hand, you are used to charging your mobile phone day and night. There is no need for fast charging, so you don't need to buy extra.
  1. If you are a heavy user of mobile phone, you often need fast charging or MagSafe induction charger, it is recommended to buy a 20W charger.

2 Third party PD fast charging

It is precisely because Apple no longer distributes chargers from iphone12 that the majority of third-party chargers, such as Acer, lvlian, Pinsheng and tulas, begin to break out. Because they all adopt the PD fast charging protocol and the chip scheme is similar, the charging efficiency of excellent third-party fast charging products is similar to that of the original ones, but the price is much cheaper and the cost performance is very high. I have a new touras ice new product on hand. This charger is very small, only 32 * 32 * 47cm in size, only half the size of Apple's original 20W fast charging, similar to the original 5W charger in volume. Thanks to the popular 3D stacking technology, the internal layout is compact and the space utilization rate is very high, so it has the same power and smaller volume. Even the handbag can be easily carried.

Close to the original 5W charger

The name of this charger is very interesting - little ice, which means it works at a lower temperature. The power IC of the charger integrates primary switch, synchronous rectification, fluxlink (magnetic coupling) feedback and off-line flyback constant voltage / constant current quasi resonant switch with constant power characteristics, with low heat dissipation, high efficiency and energy saving (ecosmart Technology), and no-load power consumption less than 30MW. In addition, the outer shell is made of fireproof and flame retardant material (lg94v0), and the inner ring heat dissipation structure is designed, The heat balance effect is better and the heat dissipation efficiency is high. The whole charger from component selection to structure design are fully considered cooling, so it can control the working temperature well.

Mini 3D technology, highly stacked inside

The main control chip of this tulas ice cube is a FS patented chip, which is internally integrated with ecosmart intelligent temperature control technology, providing a complete protection scheme, including cycle by cycle current limit, overload protection, undervoltage locking and internal overheating protection. The fast charging protocol is the same as Apple's, both are usb-pd fast charging protocol. Tulas supports pd3.0 fast charging protocol, which can charge 60% in 30 minutes. Apple's 20W fast charging supports pd2.0 fast charging protocol.


Many people buy fast charging, will it do harm to the mobile phone? Tulas charger has 3C certification and grade 6 energy efficiency certification in the United States. 820uf solid-state capacitor is used for high-voltage filtering. The deeply customized transformer and capacitor can withstand 265V ultra-high voltage and 100A current. The power output is more stable, and the voltage fluctuation is small. Charging does not damage the mobile phone battery.

If you need a portable charger with small volume, high safety and fast charging speed, you must look at ice cubes.

Charging speed: in the iPhone 12 series, the charging time difference between the 18W and 20W chargers is less than 2 minutes, so the perception is not strong. The maximum input power of 12mini is only about 16W, and the charging speed of 50% in 30 minutes can be achieved by using 18W charging head of promax. If you have 18W, use 18W. If you buy a new one, you should buy 20W.

PS: MagSafe needs 20W charging head (official third party) to achieve the maximum 15W charging power.

Late wireless "fast charging" -- MagSafe charging experience evaluation

Workmanship: continue to use the style of 18W fast charging, fixed pins, white baking varnish shell, light gray interface, frosted feel. To tell you the truth, I don't think it's as good as some third-party brands with exquisite workmanship. According to the disassembly of the charging head network, compared with the 18W charging head, the 20W charging head has some plastic gaskets, and the capacitance specification has also shrunk. In terms of price, 243 → 149 "castration" is more "conscience" than other apple accessories.

As for which is more worth buying? I don't think it's worth buying.

Many third-party 20W chargers sell for less than a fraction of the original price.

Among the reliable brands, the cheaper ones are:

Lvlian, the leading brand among accessories manufacturers, is only in its early 30s.

Purple rice, the general price is about 35.

Even Xiaomi's 20W charger is less than 40 yuan.

You can also buy a charger with a collapsible plug for more than 30 yuan.

Budget higher, Anker, volume close to apple5w charger.

As for the price of the original 149, what kind of third-party chargers can I buy

30W, foldable plug, frosted handle.


PS: the price of this product is 118, but my actual price is lower.


The volume is not much bigger than the original 20W, 30W power is enough to run all the iPhones / iPads, the plug can be folded, and it is the main charger I carry when I go out everyday.