What's the charging head for macho?

Today's article shows you that this product is provided by @ Zhihu digital, but fortunately they don't have too many restrictions on the content, so I'm more free to play, mainly from my own feelings to show you the charging series of Anker.

There is also a recent research in the series of charging head products, which should be released before next week. There are some simple but imperfect views that we can share with you first.

I don't know when, the design style of science and technology products has gradually converged, simple, blank and indifferent, so that when I opened the express delivery from Zhihu, I always laughed wildly. Anker this set of Doraemon charging series, also too lovely 8!


Anker's charging package is very complete. There are five products in total: 65W charging head, 20W charging head, USB C-C data cable, wireless charging and two in one super charging. They basically cover the current mainstream electronic devices, and they are said one by one later.

Then comes the price. Because of the linkage of IP, there must be some premium, but it is still within the normal range. The specific price is as follows:

65W PPS charger: 129 yuan, 20W PD charger: 97 yuan, USB C-C flash charging line: 69 yuan, three module super wireless charging: 139 yuan, two in one super charging: 229 yuan.

20W PD charger: 97 yuan

First of all, let's talk about the 20W charging head. Since the beginning of this year, there is no charging head for iPhone. This kind of product has become popular all of a sudden. I believe you have seen a lot of it on the Internet.

I think the compatibility of Anker is quite good. It supports a lot of protocols.

Because Anker has its own charging technology solution: poweriq3.0, the simple understanding is to integrate the current mainstream charging protocols, such as pd3.0, qc3.0, Xiaomi and Huawei.

This 20W charging head also supports apple 2.4a, charging the old iPhone devices, and the maximum power can reach about 12W (apple only supports PD protocol since iPhone 8), and the daily stability is about 10W.

But there should be fewer friends who still use the device before iPhone 8, so it depends on your own needs.


If you don't like the joint name of Doraemon, you can also take a look at the regular Anker model. The price is only 79 yuan, 18 yuan cheaper. It may not be the cheapest, but it must be one of the smallest products of its kind, which is basically the same size as the original 5v1a. The performance of charging Android mobile phones, because there are many protocols, I have to test them to know whether it is good or not.

But there's no problem with the iPhone. The iPad can charge normally, and the 2020 MacBook Air can charge. The charging speed is not very fast. After all, it's only 20W at most.

65W PPS charger: 129 yuan

Then there is the 65W charging head. I think it's not bad. The volume of the GaN material used is much smaller than that of apple. As the wattage goes up, charging the computer is faster, especially the MacBook Pro

It's mainly cute and good-looking, and it's very happy to use: then 65W also has a built-in PPS intelligent voltage regulator chip, so you don't have to worry about damaging the battery or device when you use it to charge low-power devices.

Three mode super wireless charging: 129 yuan

Wireless charging this, also very lovely! If you like, you can buy one to put in the office or something. It's OK to charge your iPhone or airpods. However, the problem with wireless charging is that the wattage is relatively low and slow.

When charging the iPhone, the maximum power is only 7.5W, and the maximum power of airpods is 5W. If you like, you can buy one and put it at the head of the bed. It's OK to charge at night. It's still too slow to use at ordinary times, but wireless charging is basically like this (mainly iPhone).

Two in one super charge: 229 yuan

Two in one super charge is my favorite in this suit! First of all, it's blue as a whole. Although white is good-looking, it's still a little bit resistant to dirt. Blue is much better.

Charging protocol is the same as above. The main difference is that this product is a combination of power bank and charger, so the volume will be larger, but it is more suitable for taking out. The battery capacity is 4850mah. If you charge the iPhone, it will be about twice.

This model has both a port and C port, but the maximum output of C port is only 18W, and the output of a port is only 12W. It is more suitable for friends who only take mobile phones and tablets when they go out. If they are used to taking computers, this one is not recommended.

On the whole, Anker's Doraemon series is very good. I like it very much. The design is super cute. I'm in a good mood when I use it. If you like, you can have a look. There are activities in tmall recently.

Some personal suggestions

After talking about Doraemon series, I'd like to talk about some of my own opinions, because I really bought too many chargers..

First of all, the problem of charging speed. There are not many factors affecting this. The first thing we need to know is that no matter what charger you buy, it basically can't reach the power of publicity, or maintain the speed of publicity throughout the whole process.

The influence of heating in the process of charging, as well as the power control of the mobile phone itself, will affect the final actual charging performance.

So I think as long as you choose the right protocol, for example, apple students choose the data line that supports PD and MFI certification, Android students choose the charger and cable corresponding to their respective brands, and cross device students choose the one that supports more protocols.

From my own experience, I still recommend Gan charging head. The main reason is that the volume is relatively small and the charging efficiency is almost the same. Convenience is the first thing.


For example, one of my favorite chargers I bought last year is Nubia: gallium nitride material is not big, one a port and two C ports (both C ports can reach 65W, but multi port output is not good) are very convenient, and the design of foldable socket is not afraid of scratching other devices when it is put in the bag.