What kind of charging head should iPhone 12 be equipped with?

Before choosing a charging head, let's take a look at which protocols and charging power iPhone 12 supports.

Support apple 2.4a, USB PD protocol

Supports up to 20W charging power

If you want to use this line together, you can choose a 20W or higher power charger that supports USB PD protocol.


Here is a simple topic, the main recommendation of several charging head, hope to help!

I don't say much about the original ones. They are excellent in workmanship and materials. Apart from the price, there is nothing wrong with them.

At present, the Anker nano 20W charger I use in my unit is small in size, which is the same size as apple 5W charger. It supports PD 20W fast charging, with built-in Apple chip. It has stable charging speed and low heating. If the budget is not large, it can be given priority.

There are several more like the charging head, each has its own characteristics, cost-effective, limited budget can consider starting.

Since the release of iPhone 12, almost all major manufacturers have come out with 20W chargers, with prices ranging from tens to hundreds. When we choose, we try to choose the well-known brands we know, and only some of them are recommended above. There are many good brands that have also come out with 20W chargers, so choose them on demand.

Many people think that the use of third-party chargers will cause battery loss. Here's also to mention:


Like other rechargeable batteries, the lithium-ion battery used in iPhone is a consumable part. The performance and capacity of the battery will decrease with the increase of battery charging and discharging times, as well as the influence of charging environment, usage and other factors. Therefore, neither the original charger nor the third-party charger will cause additional damage to the battery, But normal loss cannot be avoided.

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