What is the ce-red certification of wireless charger?

Wireless charger is a kind of charger which is connected to the terminal equipment without the traditional charging power line. It adopts the latest wireless charging technology. It uses the alternating magnetic field generated between coils to transmit electric energy. Inductive coupling technology will become a bridge between charging base station and equipment. Wireless charger uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to charge, which is similar to transformer.

There is a coil at the sending end and a coil at the receiving end. The coil at the sending end is connected with a wired power supply to generate an electromagnetic signal, and the coil at the receiving end senses the electromagnetic signal at the sending end to generate a current to charge the battery.

Information required for ce-red certification of wireless charger

1. Instruction manual in English

2. Circuit diagram of the product

3. List of key components

4. Size and position of label placement

5. PCB diagram, power adapter en60950 Safety Report

CE certification test process of wireless charger

1. Confirm project information with business

2. Confirm the test items to be done, prepare samples and fill in the application form
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3. The applicant signs the contract and sends back the contract payment

4. The engineer starts the test according to the sample (the unqualified product needs to be rectified)

5. After the test, issue CE report


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6. Send out copy report, electronic report, etc

Wireless charger ce-red test project

1. Electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC test)

2. Safety test LVD (in red instruction, including RF products of battery output)
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3. Stop radio communication equipment test (RF test) according to European ETSI specification

4. Notification of European permissible frequency bands

5. Electrical safety and health protection test (SAR evaluation / test)