What is Apple's 12 cable interface like? Is it the same as before?

The latest discount Apple 12 discount 600, the activity time April 4 to April 9

When iPhone 12 was 3.8, it was offered a discount of 300. Now it's back to the normal price of 6799128g. The next discount is estimated to be 618. The first big discount is expected to fall below 60005899. You can start at that time;

Now Apple 12 fast charging set needs to add 59 to have the original 20W fast charging head;

Apple 11 as of today's March 12, only + 9 can have the original 20W fast charging head; However, the price of bare metal is slightly higher than 4899;

 iPhone 12 charger

What is Apple's 12 cable interface like? Is it the same as before?

Do old apple users still need to buy a charger when they buy Apple 12?

The answer is: if you want to charge quickly, yes, you need to buy it. The original 5W charger is too slow


If you have Wufu Yian's old charging head and cable at home, you can also use it, but the charging speed is relatively slow. The old charging head is not suitable for the iPhone usb-c to lightning cable equipped with iPhone 12

Apple 12 high tech is not described

Environmental protection saves us charging head and wired earphone

Apple Charger Cable

Apple 11 and the traditional Wufu Yian usb-a

Apple 12 is equipped with a data cable, which is usb-c to lightning interface, while iPhone 11 and previous iPhones are usb-a to lightning interface, usb-c to lightning interface

What are the advantages of usb-c over usb-a?

Usb-c transfer faster, more secure data, now more and more devices support this interface

Therefore, the old users do not have the charging head of this interface at home, so they also need to buy it

Android to apple, not to mention

Such a charging head is suitable for iPhone usb-c to lightning cable, as shown in the figure

Recommendation of fast charging head

First of all, the original charging head of the iPhone 12 is a little expensive, and the quality of its workmanship is reassuring. There is no need to worry about the argument that the battery will be damaged if it is not the original one. If you buy all 12, don't worry abou

iPhone 12 charger

In fact, the third-party charging head is completely competent. After all, it's 2020 now. As for the damage to the battery, as long as you don't buy miscellaneous brand, Shanzhai brand or unknown brand, there is no problem, and the cost performance is also very high,

 Apple Charger Cable

For example, Anker Anker, Apple's chip of the same factory, has solid workmanship and is very exquisite. It's very small and the size of Apple's original ordinary 5W charger. It's easy to carry and the price is only half of the original. It's an economical choice and supports the iPhone 8 or above


Secondly, lvlian, Zimi and Zimi are slightly bigger. They are also good in workmanship and cost performance

Home charging scheme original charging head or Anke charging head with original data cable

Office green suit

Update 20201218

Now Apple doesn't send any charging head. The data cable sent by Apple 11 is the same as apple 12 series, which is also usb-c to lightning cable * 1;


Therefore, if Apple 11 buys a charging head, it also needs a PD head, which can support fast charging. If you have an old lightning / lightning USB data cable at home, you can buy an ordinary Wufu Yian head, or if you also have a Wufu Yian head at home, you can use it directly. The charging speed is slower;


Apple 11 supports 18W fast charging. In order to realize fast charging, we need to buy high-power fast charging head;