What cost-effective charging heads are worth buying in 2021?

The last Amway Company is in 2021. Is 64g enough to buy an iPhone?

With the growth of smart phones, their short board is also exposed, that is, the general endurance is not very strong.

In order to solve this problem, the major dealers have racked their brains. Without the rapid charging head developed, the charging time of the mobile phone can be shortened. In a certain range, it can be said to make up for the shortage of power storage of the mobile phone, which is also a very intimate move.

We have more and more charging devices now. Charging power is also increasing. With the progress of our charging technology, we charge faster and faster. But the volume of the charger is getting bigger and bigger, and the fast charging protocol of the charger is not the same. Many multi port and multi protocol fast charging mobile power supplies gradually appear in the market.

Gan is also gradually coming into our attention. This kind of material, which can make the same power charger smaller in volume and smaller in heat, is very popular after promotion. People begin to pursue chargers with smaller volume and heat.

If you buy a charging head, you can't look at the price first. If you say it's cost-effective and there are many miscellaneous brands, but if you have quality problems, it will reduce the service life of the mobile phone, or generate electricity. Other accidents will cause trouble. Some of the following cases have good reputation, and you can always find the one that suits you with the highest cost performance

The best ones are the following ones

1. Green link fast charging plug

Greenlink supports fast charging with two ports at the same time, charging without waiting. The built-in intelligent identification chip can automatically identify the voltage and current required by the device, so as to avoid excessive damage to the charging device battery. The shell is made of environment-friendly PC material and polished. It is fashionable, beautiful and durable.

2. Bess Gan 65W charger

The smart IC charging scheme of Beisi, which is required by the self-adaptive equipment, is fast and stable. Mobile phones, tablets, rechargeable treasures and other devices, apple, Samsung, Huawei, millet and other brands support.

3. Xiaomi original 55W Gan nitrogen line charging package (charger +6a data line) fast black technology support for Xiaomi 11 red Mi mobile phone notebook charging head plug

Millet breaks through the regional voltage limit, and does not have to worry about charging when traveling on business. The high precision hardware can effectively avoid the occurrence of over voltage, input overcurrent, output over-current, ripple proof, short circuit, over temperature, electromagnetic protection and so on.

4. Aigo quick charging plug

Aigo adopts German imported PC material +vo fire-proof material, which is resistant to temperature and fall, high flame resistance and long service life.

It is in line with ROHS standard of EU, green and environmental protection, and electronic components are arranged in order, and the material is in good quality, and the transmission is safe and reliable. It has multiple protection against overload, overcharge, flame retardant and wide voltage, ensuring safe use.

5. Belkin Gan PD fast charger 63w charger Apple iPhone xs/11/12pro/se power adapter type-c/usb-c data cable fast charger

This 63 watt is supposed to be the one with a relatively large number of Watts in the plug so far. The charging speed is very fast

Texture of workmanship: the American workmanship of this brand really has no need to be said. There is a ratio of Anker. Anker has been used for a long time and is extremely durable.

Charging speed: the charging speed is the speed of pd18w. You can see the difference.

Portable performance: it is convenient to travel. The quality is light.

Safety performance: safety performance is not to be said. The aircraft materials used are beautiful and practical. Plus Anker, three PD sets are filling up

Other features: no heating at all


It is no exaggeration to say that it has been repeatedly comparing the fast charging chargers of various brands. This charger. Packaging and workmanship have no need to say, the sense of technology is full. Can charge surface pro6 and MAC pro13 (2019) simultaneously

7 aukey

A large number of mini 65W chargers can meet the portable requirements of low-end version. For Mac Pro, hermit, XPS and other high-end versions, 90W is a hard demand. However, there are few choices at present, fewer famous brands, and many foreign trade e-commerce products have no power security certification, which makes people daunting.

Aukey, a 90W, is very timely, with relatively reliable reputation. It has 3C certification. Although UL and TUV are not seen, there are not many choices to try.

It is quite satisfactory to use it. It can be used for XPS 9500, with peak value of 93W. Plug in other equipment to power off and shake hands again to 60W. If other equipment is disconnected, shake hands again to 90W. The temperature control during use is good, although it is hot, it is far from the point where other brands are hot to scald.

Safety or other reliability issues need further examination. If the high frequency of Gan affects the power quality, the friends with conditions can compare the test.


This 90W dual C port fast charging charger has a very simple overall appearance. The front is the mirror baking process, while the edge is sanded to make you feel smooth. The 90 degree folding pin is convenient for you to take in when you travel, and will not scratch your equipment.

The charger is a portable charger with PD protocol, which is equipped with a 100W E-MARK mobile line of 1.5m as standard. He has two type C output ports, which supports 90W maximum output power.

It supports fast charging of Apple devices, which is about 34 percent smaller than Apple's 87W mobile power supply. The common C-C data line can only identify 60W protocol, and above 60W. Data lines with E-MARK chips are required. The charger can output 90W in any single port, and it takes 102 minutes to fill the 15.4 inch macbookpro.

It adopts i-smart smart charging technology, which can distribute power dynamically without slowing down. Support 45-45, 60-30, and other matching methods. He weighs only 200 grams and only 2 / 3 of Apple's original 87 watt charger.

With pd3.0 fast charging protocol, multi device sharing can charge all electronic devices supporting type-c. When you travel, your headphones, laptops, mobile phones. Tablet, battery, switch game, etc. can be used to charge. He is two C-Ports as shown in the figure.

With its new innovative technology and high integrated chips, it has a charging efficiency of up to 90%. And his eight safety protection makes his charger more safe and durable, overvoltage, over current, overheating, short circuit, lightning protection, anti-interference, static protection and other strong recommendations

Charger market is mixed, we hope to have more and manufacturers to make more standardized quality and design better products. Gan is the trend, and the only drawback of this charger is that Gan is not used. And most of the charging heads above 65W on the market do not use gan