What cost-effective charging heads are worth buying in 2021?

Based on Apple's "environmental protection", the official price of 20W fast charger is 149, so it is necessary to choose a suitable charger. Because the fast charging power supported by the iPhone 12 itself is not large, it seems unnecessary to carry a "giant" 65W charging head with you. It's better to choose a 20W one. The key point is that the volume should be small enough to fit into your carry on bag.


The usb-c port is used in the 20 W charger of the Mercedes iPhone 12. The measured charging speed of 30 minutes at room temperature is generally up to 60%, while the original 5v1a can only charge about 15% in 30 minutes.


The size of the iPhone 12 20W charger is similar to that of Apple's Wufu Yian charger, and there is no pressure when packaged in a small package.

USB PD fast charging protocol is supported, which supports 20W fast charging. After 80% of the mobile phone power, it will automatically turn to trickle charging to prevent the damage caused by overcharge.

Nubia 65W Gan charger, using the latest third generation semiconductor Gan chip, realizes 65W double port blind insertion, with larger power and simpler volume, and supports three port fast charging. Compared with the previous big and thick square charging head (or single C-Port), Nubia is only 66mm * 40.6mm * 30MM in size and weighs only 109G, so there is no pressure to carry it with you.

The socket design of 2c1a is compatible with the mainstream fast charging protocols in the market, such as SCP / FCP / Pd / QC / AFC.


Foldable GB double plug, regular shape after folding, easy to carry.


Nubia's output details:

Yise wireless charger is light and thin, and uses usb-c charging interface, and comes with 5A fast charging cable, which greatly improves the compatibility and cost of charging cable. I love this design. In addition, a foldable bracket is also designed on the back of the charger. The wireless charging and mobile phone bracket are integrated, which is a further step in Apple's original design.

The mobile phone and charger only need to scratch at will, and the magnetic suction design will automatically fix the mobile phone and charger to the correct position.

The car bracket uses 18 built-in reinforcing magnets, the suction reaches 900g, which makes it more difficult to fall.