What brand of professional cycling glasses is good

Ouye, Tuobu

Most cyclists are willing to spend money on high-end bicycles or top helmets, but many neglect that sunglasses are also an essential part of the sport. Most cyclists will tell you that whether you are an amateur or a professional, riding glasses are definitely worth the investment. The last thing you want to do when you're riding through Asia's most spectacular landscapes at 150km is to miss them (or worse, because the glare bike is out of control...).

Riders, a good pair of sunglasses will ensure that you get the maximum visual enjoyment. If it's mountain riding that makes people's adrenaline rise, when you are sweating, you will find that there is a significant difference between ordinary sunglasses and riding glasses. The heat from your body will atomize a pair of ordinary sunglasses, and your sweat will make them slide down or even fall down. However, the rubber anti-skid nose support of riding glasses will ensure that your glasses are stable on your face, even if it is more intense activities, it will not slide down. In recent years, more and more high-end riding glasses will add vents in the center of lenses and frames, which will be more cool and comfortable to use, and will not atomize!

In addition to protecting your glasses from ultraviolet rays and other flying objects, riding glasses are wonderfully made of polarized lenses, which can prevent fog, water, glare, scratch, damage and impact. Typically, riding glasses have an aerodynamic arc, which can completely fit your face, increase your peripheral vision, and provide all-round maintenance for your eyes. This ultra lightweight structure is specially designed for wearing helmets.

To choose a suitable pair of riding glasses, many factors need to be considered. One of the most important elements is the color of the lens. Colorless lenses for low light or night riding. Yellow lenses are the ideal choice for foggy or gray weather. Red or orange lenses are the best for all, which can make the surrounding terrain clear.

As for the real cyclist, he will always be on the road. At this time, the cutting-edge cycling glasses with replaceable lenses allow you to change lens colors according to different light and climate conditions.

Riding glasses are necessary, otherwise the fast-moving car will bring dust into the eyes. It's unnecessary to buy a brand and try it on in the car shop. The price of more than 100 pieces is good. Only the feet know whether the shoes fit properly; Only your eyes know whether the glasses are good or bad; Only the right ones, not the expensive ones. The samsara of time is coming. It's time to ride in the wild. In addition to helmets, another very important equipment for field riding is riding glasses. Riding glasses are not designed just to be cool. They are designed to protect sex.

Riding glasses are different from sunglasses. Never use sunglasses when riding. Because riding glasses have more windproof effect than sunglasses, don't underestimate this function. It can greatly reduce the risk of conjunctivitis. Riding glasses can't use glass as lens information, because it will greatly enhance the ability of injury when falling, while the use of resin can protect the glasses from being scratched. Like Oakley's riding glasses, they claim to have bulletproof function and excellent maintenance effect on eyes.

However, the quality of riding glasses can be distinguished in some ways. Generally, good riding glasses have a complete package size, which can avoid the external light disturbing the vision, and are comfortable to wear; Together, when the riding speed is very fast, the eyes can't feel the wind.

Riding glasses also plan different colors for different outdoor environments, among which the most commonly used colors are yellow, blue, black, bright and chrome plated. Each of these five colors has its own characteristics. For different environments, choosing the right color of the lens can make the riding glasses carry forward its maximum effect. If the color is not right, it will help.

Yellow: add contrast at dusk to improve clarity.

Blue: used in foggy weather or low visibility climate.

Black: usually used in sunny noon.