What brand of fast charging head is good? Fast charging head brand ranking

Apple has been hoarding a lot of chargers since it announced that it no longer has a standard five pay one an charger. Official price strength to persuade retreat, so I hoard are third-party chargers, the same function, most only need less than a third of the price. Today, I will check the brand ranking of fast charging head.

  1. Nank South card charger C1

In the field of 20W fast charging charger, the sales volume and reputation of Nank South card charging head C1 are in the forefront. The charging performance of Nank South card charging head C1 basically surpasses the traditional chargers on the market. It can support the 20W PD fast charging of iPhone 12 cable. It is worthy of the "king of no crown" of iPhone 12 charger. In just a few months after its launch, it has won the praise of technological digital media and tourism talents, and has become the first brand in the charger industry.


The reason why Nank South card charging head C1 is so popular is that it not only supports the 20W fast charging of iPhone 12, but also is compatible with the fast charging protocol of Android mobile phone, which is much better because of its upgraded fast charging protocol, which is compatible with the fast charging of Huawei, Xiaomi and other mobile phones. The charger adopts advanced intelligent switching charging mode, and has passed the safety certification of military industry level. It adds intelligent temperature control chip, real-time temperature monitoring, and takes strict protection measures in charging safety. In addition, the design of Nanka charging head C1 is also very elegant. It is equipped with PC environmental protection material with excellent insulation. The plug is portable and side storage design. It is small and does not occupy any position. The weight of Nanka charging head C1 is only 42g, so it is very portable and can not be put down. Completely change the charger industry's thick, heavy, big, ugly image.

It is the "light, practical and durable" high-quality and high-performance charger, which is completely produced in accordance with the military industry standard, as well as its small, light, simple and fashionable design, high-quality skin like material shell, and original side orientation plug storage design. Therefore, it has been loved by the iPhone 12 handset group, travel talent and digital talent.

  1. Tulas 20W PD charger

The overall appearance of the packaging box of tulas 20W PD charger is black, and the three-dimensional appearance of the charger can be seen in the middle of the front. Although they are all black, the bright black of the charger is more prominent. The compact body design supports the 20W fast charging of the iPhone 12. For the users who have purchased the iPhone 12 but are suffering from only usb-c to lightning fast charging cable in the packaging box, it is a good choice to choose the tulas 20W PD charger.


  1. Anke 20W charger


The biggest difference between Anker 20W foldable fast charging charger and star product Anker 20W nano is that Anker 20W foldable fast charging charger adopts foldable pin design, which can be stored in the shell when going out, and will not scratch with luggage. Performance is the same, both support 5v3a / two gear voltage output, the maximum output power is 20W.

  1. Beisi 20W charger


Beisi 20W charger adopts super silicon new material, smaller volume and faster charging. Support 9V / 2.22a 20W output, compatible with,, and other fast charging protocols, adapt to Android and Apple Devices fast charging. With multiple protection such as intelligent power-off, it is still safe and stable under high temperature conditions.