What brand of data cable has the best quality (except the original one)?

What brand of data cable has the best quality? Your best question is just right! For your mobile phone, the best data cable is the original data cable of your mobile phone, but in addition to the original data cable, what data cable has the best quality is very difficult to find the best one from many data cables. Now a treasure above the data cable in full bloom, there is no best, only better.


Mobile phone is really an indispensable item for people now. Of course, the quality of data cable can not be ignored. Different brands of data cables have their own characteristics. Because I have been using apple mobile phone before, so I would like to recommend my own Apple data cable to you! It's the best one I use except the original one.

Bess metal caffler series data cable.

Reasons for recommendation:


High durability: This is the result of my own personal evaluation. I have been using this data cable for one year, and now it is intact except for the surface is a little dirty, and there is no big problem in performance.

Good adaptability: considering that Apple's smart device interfaces are not unified, the store owners can choose the input and output interfaces of the data cable according to their own interfaces when purchasing the data cable, so as to better adapt their mobile phones.

Fast charging: Yes, this data cable supports fast charging. It supports metal Pd 20W fast charging, which can fully charge the mobile phone in about an hour. Multi strand pure copper core, charging faster, of course, the line will be thicker, but does not affect its aesthetic.

Material: zinc alloy metal texture + durable woven material, feel very texture, comfort.

In addition to the optional input interface and output interface, you can also choose the suitable length according to your needs. There are three lengths for you to choose, namely 0.25m, 1m and 2m. Just like we usually go out with the power bank, when we use the power bank to charge, if the data cable is too long, it will be very redundant! So at this time, maybe the 0.25m data cable is very suitable, and it doesn't occupy a place in the bag. Or when we are studying, working or lying in bed playing with mobile phones, the socket is too far away from us. If the data cable is too short at this time, it will be very old. So the store has designed 1m and 2m data cables according to these problems.

You don't have to worry about whether this data cable is compatible with your IOS version, because it is compatible with the full range of IOS.

In addition, this data cable has a variety of colors, such as white, black, purple, dark green, etc. I bought a white, more elegant color.


ok This data cable has been used for so long by myself. No matter from all aspects, it is very good and cost-effective. According to their different choices, the cheapest is 28rmb, and the most expensive is 52rmb, which is very cost-effective.