What brand of cycling glasses is good

Among the former cycling brothers, there are many people who use this kind of glasses. This brand of windproof glasses has a high proportion in the current cycling mall. There is an Oakley. It can be said that people usually buy fake products at present, and the price of authentic products is relatively high.

I'm also using Tuobu's glasses. I bought them directly from the car shop. That's about the same price. They're quite good in comparison, and can satisfy the needs of ordinary riding activities. The quality is no problem. It has been used in Sichuan, Tibet and Qinghai for three years, and there is no problem.

It's genuine. The car company says it's genuine. I don't think it's perfect in some details, but generally speaking, the price is a good choice.

Topeak sports ht001 sports glasses are made of high-tech elastic material TR90. The material has the characteristics of ultra light, impact resistance, good stability, no deformation, high elasticity and no cracking. It can bend freely. Suitable for cycling, motor sports, roller skating, walking, mountain climbing, driving and other outdoor sports.

Tuobu riding glasses

There are five kinds of lens colors: bright silver plated freshwater film, gray mercury plated, blue, yellow, Tan blue Revo film. 1.86mm migraine PC lens is selected, which is shock resistant and scratch resistant.

[lens type] [perspective] [application function]

PC blue Revo 14% can effectively filter the strong light condition and add the scene softness;

PC Tong Ming 90% suitable for driving at night, usually visual scene, strengthen contrast;

PC yellow 64.3% wore long face patch at night, which enhanced the contrast of the scene and made it bright and unobtrusive;

PC gray mercury 14% useful to reduce light intensity, suitable for use in the hot sun;

PC blue reduces light from different viewpoints by 34% and increases image clarity.

The new concept series of Topeak sports professional sports sunglasses, frame selection of high elastic TR90 data, with excellent elasticity and strength, light texture, wearing feeling is very comfortable. The common soft adjustable professional nose rest planning, completely different from the usual sunglasses, can safely maintain the nose from the injury caused by gravity impact. 5 kinds of optical grade PC data lenses with different colors, 1.86mm migraine PC lenses are selected, and the lenses can be replaced by themselves according to different uses and occasions. Even if one pair is worn, there are four other pairs of lenses that can be used, greatly extending the use cycle of glasses and your cost. Ergonomic radian planning, different sizes of faces can be used.

If you are not short-sighted, the general line, casually buy those five lenses or three lenses can. A treasure of forty or fifty will do.

If you are short-sighted, you need to buy one with a short-sighted frame or clip. If you have a short-sighted frame, you need to go to the optician's with another pair. And try to buy at least 200 or so, because cheap, with the inside of the myopia lens will be very uncomfortable.