What brand of cycling glasses is cost-effective

There is no special concept of riding glasses. There is nothing more important about riding glasses. That is to say, riding mirror, running and mountaineering are OK.

I think Oakley riding glasses are good. I bought them for more than a month. They are very handsome and authentic

If only from the perspective of brand awareness and money, Oakley is an international brand with good quality and high price. From the perspective of cost performance, it belongs to some domestic brands. For example: Gaote, Tuobu, Ouye, Leite, etc. If you have a favorite brand, I can also help you to assess the quality level.

There are only one or two domestic brands generally recognized in the circle, Gaote (who has sponsored provincial and national cycling teams). You get what you pay for. It's hard to say if the price is lower than that of Gaote. There's no standard for what lenses it uses and what plating. Horizontal comparison can also see that for the "photochromic" type of riding sunglasses, the imported brand with the lowest price is ximano, more than 500. Ximano's lenses have UV400 certification. What's UV400 sunglasses? You Baidu first, it's not UV400 sunglasses that destroy your eyes. It's common to wear okley in the circle, and a thousand yuan is not high-end (in European and American competitions, pro wear a brand that is more high-end than okley). Gaote's color changing mirror uses imported lenses at the price of 500, so it's very cost-effective (don't believe that hundreds of color changing mirrors use imported lenses and plating technology).

In general, domestic color changing lenses will have some background color indoors after color changing, all of which are cold colors.

Most international brands use full line of sight color change, almost no background color to the interior.

What you want is a color change lens with a yellow background, so that it will feel brighter at night.

Goth should have this brand, but it may not have the degree. If you want to bring this kind of power, it is the color changing polarizing lens of Yishilu.

Everyone has a brand that everyone likes. If I insist on my recommendation: Oakley and Tuobu have good eyes... At least I think the quality is good enough and the appearance is pretty good

As for where to buy them, they are generally sold in cycling stores

Third, polarizing glasses are not for myopia. Polarizing glasses are designed to prevent the UV reflected from the ground from passing through your eye mask when you are riding, causing direct injury to your eyes, dizziness and even loss of vision. The designed eyes can be worn normally

Photochromic riding Sunglasses with UV400 protection grade: Shimano spark, aerolite; Domestic high-tech products are all good, about 600-700, which is of high cost performance. If you want high-end import brands, they range from more than 900 to more than 1000, including Rudy project, 100%, okley, UVEX, etc. When buying, you need to pay attention to the fact that photochromic Sunglasses must be UV400 lenses to protect your eyes (Baidu search UV400 sunglasses). If they are not marked as UV400, the UV filtering function is almost zero. Please be careful.