What brand of cycling glasses is better

The best is Oakley.

As the tour de France is about to begin, Oakley, a world-famous sports brand, officially released the limited edition series of glasses for the tour de France. It uses art to package technology and innovation to overthrow tradition. It joins the world tour de France fans. This limited edition series of eyeglasses is designed to greet those who have participated in the huge competition. The products include two pairs of Sports Sunglasses radarlock, half jacket 2.0 XL and a pair of leisure Sunglasses fuel cell.

Any high-speed sports and competitions that need endurance and instant explosive power have a high demand for vision. Therefore, Oakley's proud HDO high-definition optical skills have been loved by many competitors. In 2012 alone, seven of the top 10 Tour de France drivers selected Oakley glasses including radarlock.

"The tour de France cyclists have experienced thousands of kilometers of training, showing their strong souls with strong faith and heroic expression." Colin Baden, Oakley's global chief executive, said, "they've fought thousands of times, and they've lit up the city with their rides. The tour de France needs this kind of energy to challenge themselves and constantly overthrow them, and Oakley is constantly using innovation to help them accomplish their mission. "

The radarlock and half jacket 2.0 XL limited edition Sports Sunglasses released by Oakley this time are all from the French national flag, and the unique symbol of limited edition of the French ring is carved by laser in one corner of the lens. Moreover, these two pairs of glasses are equipped with switchlock rapid lens replacement technology, so that athletes can choose the lens with appropriate color according to the needs of practical environment; The legs and nose pads are made of unobtainium anti-skid rubber, which greatly improves the grip between the frame and the skin when the athlete is sweating, and then can be used to prevent the glasses from slipping and shifting in fierce competitions.

The ring limited edition radarlock uses polished black frames to highlight the red and blue legs. The spectacle set contains two pairs of lenses, both of which have the optimized wide field of vision and excellent air permeability. In the meantime, a pair of G40 lenses can make athletes have a clear view of what they are in front of them, whether i weaak light or flat light; The other pair of enhanced red coated lenses can eliminate glare in the hot sun and filter the remaining light, so Oakley's optical skills of improving the contrast of the field of view are fully used in the use of both lenses.

Another limited edition sports sunglasses, half jacket 2.0 XL, can not only get a wider visual field, but also ensure the large-scale maintenance around the eyes. The black coated lenses included in the glasses set can effectively eliminate glare and balance light penetration, so as to improve clear vision and contrast; On the other hand, the same pair of lenses with optimized vision skills can make the wearer easily cope with various light conditions.

In the suit, Oakley also specially customized the MICROCLEAR glasses bag for the two limited edition sports sunglasses. The official symbol of the French ring on the top complements Oakley's self created science and technology scenery pictures. The side bag can also be used to store the second pair of lenses, and then shows Oakley's details everywhere.

For a long time, Oakley has been committed to integrating outstanding eyewear technology with feature trends. Therefore, the limited edition series of the tour de France also released a leisure Sunglasses - fuel cell, which uses a unique streamline depiction, polished black legs embedded with Oakley technology elements. And the Oakley metal logo with red and blue stripes shows the reason why France competed with the world. In addition, one corner of the fuel cell lens is the same, and the unique symbol of the tour de France competition is engraved with laser. In memory of the tour de France competition started in 1903, the inside of the mirror leg bears the common mark of this glorious year. Oakley's choice of black coated lenses for these glasses can effectively eliminate glare, balance light, and then provide clear vision and improved contrast. The pictures on the attached MICROCLEAR glasses bag use a special cyclist's silhouette to describe the red and blue scenes. It not only has the same surface, but also can be used for cleaning and storing glasses.

"This year is the 100th Tour de France, which is the most important and the biggest bicycle race in the world. This limited edition series of glasses will surely become a collection of fans." "Oakley will use the best skills in this series, just as athletes feel proud of participating in the top cycling competition, they will also experience the extraordinary visual effect of Oakley sunglasses," Baden said

Baden concluded, "Oakley began to work on the tour de France as early as several decades ago, constantly surpassing and overthrowing. Nothing can be more convincing than athletes wearing Oakley's products in the most important competition of their life. We hope that this year's athletes will surpass their former selves and be more outstanding."

It is the tour de France athletes from all over the world who have experienced the baptism of physical and mental difficulties that have made the tour de France one of the most competitive physical extreme competitions in history. Oakley will fully support the 100th Tour de France with the most top products, and sincerely hope that the athletes will continue to write a legend in this competition.

About Tour de France

In 1903, the competition between two French newspapers gave birth to the tour de France. After that, in addition to the two world wars, thousands of kilometers of travel every year, from the plains to the mountains, from the hills to the mud, athletes from all over the world used their body and perseverance to interpret this competition into a riding legend throughout the century. At present, the tour de France has become the third largest sporting event in the world. From June 29 to July 21, 2013, a total of 22 troops were invited to participate in the competition. Each team is composed of 9 players. In 23 days, they will compete in 21 stages. The total length of the tour de France is 3479 km. This year will start for the first time in the Mediterranean island of Corsica, the last stage is from the historic palace of Versailles in the southwest of Paris, and arrive at the Champs Elysees road at the end of sunset. In the competition, the driver with the best overall results wears yellow collar riding shirt, the one with the best sprint points wears green riding shirt, the one with the best climbing results wears red dot shirt, and the one with the best results in the first tour de France wears white riding shirt.