What brand of charger is better for Huawei nova5?

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Thank you for your invitation. You can choose Huawei's original 22.5w charger or kaipshi's 22.5w chrger.

The maximum fast charging power of Huawei nova5 is 40W. Although it supports 40W fast charging, this model is not available. You can consider 22.5w fast charging. The charging speed is only a few minutes away, because when the power of the fast charging mobile phone reaches a certain level, the charging speed will automatically drop, which leads to a small difference between the 40W fast charging time and the 22.5w fast charging time.

Just went to a Donghua official store to search Huawei 40W original charger. The screenshot comes from https://item.jd.com/100000970170.html#crumb -wrap

In contrast, if you want to choose the original charger, you can choose Huawei original 22.5w charger.
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In addition, I'd like to introduce a 22.5w charger from capos. I bought it for my friend once before, and the experience is good, and the price is cheaper than the original one.

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If you are interested in other chargers, you can see the article I wrote earlier: Huawei nova5 supports 10V / 4A Huawei's SFP fast charging. At present, Huawei has authorized Niuniu and Beisi to use this charging protocol. These two manufacturers should launch many charging heads, power bank and other products that support Huawei's various charging protocols in the future.

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At present, bull's multi in one charger with two two hole AC jacks and one usb-a port supporting Huawei 40W fast charging is on the market. The line length is 1.2m, but the price is a little expensive. If the two communication holes can really bring convenience to their actual use, it's OK to buy this one; If you don't use those two AC holes, it's a bit of a waste. If you are in a hurry, you can consider buying this one; If you are not in a hurry to use it, it is recommended to wait for a special and separate mobile phone charger.