What are the high-quality charging heads and cables that support iPhone fast charging?

 In fact, if the quality is high, it's really not good to judge. Take our charger and charging cable. First, the charging head has 3C certification, and some other certification. It supports 18W fast charging technology, and the workmanship is remarkable. Then the second one is our data cable, which has MFI certification, woven cotton mesh body, and the latest Apple terminal, So a good mobile phone with a good line is still necessary.


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Basically all of the fast charge support, rest assured to use~~

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Try to use the original charging head and charging cable for iPhone. If not, please use the manufacturer brands that have been OEM for iPhone or obtained the strength of Apple MFI, such as anger, Beisi, momis, lvlian, etc. here are some suggestions for your reference. The price difference lies in the chip and material of the charging head. Buy according to your actual situation:

Package with cable:

I like Anker's family very much, because its family is the fast charging head of the main apple series. Even the chips are the same supplier with apple. The product is small in size, and the quality control is also very high. The fineness is only inferior to apple, and the cost performance is very high. I highly recommend it!


Beisi fast charger is also good. The chips are made by the old chip manufacturers of mesdis. Many mobile phone chargers and power bank chips are made by this company.