What are the disadvantages of magnetic data cable?

No matter whether the USB host has an OC circuit or not, if you add OC protection on the online end, it will be safe!

There's a short circuit risk in this thing!!

There's a short circuit risk in this thing!!

There's a short circuit risk in this thing!!

It is recommended not to throw the wire after flushing. Once the positive and negative poles of the magnetic suction port absorb some metal foreign matter or absorb on the uneven metal surface (such as the keyhole of the desk drawer), there will be a short circuit, and the charger and wire connector will be seriously hot, Fortunately, I didn't cause a fire until I found it in time... It's safe and convenient to suck the magnetic suction head on the flat surface of the computer case after personal test. Remember not to throw it around!

iPhone Charger Cable

The measured current can be above 5v2.4a, and there is no heating phenomenon in the magnetic part under this current( Update on 11.20, it's a strange phenomenon. The heat is small under high current, but the heat is large when charging under low current. When I charge my real wireless headset box, the magnetic head is very hot, and when I charge the 5v1a Apple device, it's also very hot, but when I charge the Android device and power bank under high power, it's not hot.)

iPhone 12 charger cable

I'm afraid the defect is that the appearance is not good-looking. After all, the charging port protrudes a little. If only a standard could be formed and integrated into the interface.

Now no one should still use the wire brushing machine... In terms of data transmission, the speed of 5g WiFi has been higher than that of USB2.0, and the demand for wired data transmission is also very small.