What are the charger chips? What should I do if the IC chip of mobile phone power supply is broken? Is it related to the charger?

Tedland electronics provides the model selection and application problem analysis of AOS Wandai power MOSFET and the model recommendation of mojay Maojie's AC-DC, torex's DC-DC power supply IC / Honeywell sensor --- what are the charger chips, what should I do if the IC chip of mobile phone power supply is broken, and whether it is related to the charger?

A: what are the charger chips? All electronic devices are inseparable from chips. Chargers can be seen everywhere in daily life and are an indispensable part of charging equipment. As the core component of chargers, charger chips mainly convert alternating current into matching direct current to "transfer energy", which plays a vital role in charging link and directly affects the service efficiency and life of chargers Let's learn about the common charger chips.

Common models of charger chip
There are many kinds of charger chips in the market, with uneven performance, various kinds of clutter, surge and other interference, which lead to charger damage failure. The whole machine can not work normally, or it will affect the service life of mobile phone battery, which makes the power supply engineers suffer. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a suitable charger chip.
In the field of charger adapter, Shenzhen mojay Semiconductor Co., Ltd. provides AC / DC power supply chips with complete power section, PSR series with 5-10W built-in high-voltage start and power transistor, flyback series with 10-18w built-in high-voltage start and power transistor, 15-90w external MOS controller series and other products with various architectures. It is a complete solution supply of common charging, fast charging, wireless charging and charging power supply chips Business.

How to do if the IC chip of mobile phone power supply is broken? Power IC is the "power supply center" of mobile phone. When the power IC chip of mobile phone fails, there may be some problems, such as abnormal charging, mobile phone unable to start, abnormal power consumption, screen keyboard failure and so on. In this case, it is not intuitive to determine the cause of the failure. Only after the relevant detection is carried out by dismantling the mobile phone, can the location and cause of the failure be identified. Maojie electronics suggests that when the mobile phone is abnormal, the user can send the mobile phone to the brand customer service for detection at the first time.

So what causes the IC chip of mobile phone power supply to be damaged
1. The output specifications of the charger are not consistent with the mobile phone: the low-power charger in Shanzhai has insufficient current and will be pulled across by the mobile phone. The charger jumps repeatedly between starting and pulling, and its impact is easy to damage the power IC.
2. The polarity of input voltage is not right or inserted reversely: the standard interface is generally difficult to insert, but it is not high.
3. Surge impact: if the quality of the charger is not good, in the process of charging the mobile phone, it is like that there is a large equipment near the power grid to turn on or stop, which leads to power grid impact. So that the output voltage superimposed on the surge peak, similar to lightning, resulting in exceeding the IC limit and damage.
4. Static damage: the voltage of power chip is limited, and it is generally protected by ESD circuit. If the design interface of mobile phone is exposed, and there is no ESD protection, it is very easy to cause static damage by rubbing with chemical fiber clothing in a dry environment. In addition, it is easy to damage the charging IC through the data line by using the damaged charging line.

The power IC chip is the integration of pulse width control for switching power supply of electronic products. The power supply completely depends on it to control the output voltage and current to maintain the stability of the whole system. A few years ago, the power IC was only integrated with voltage regulator and DC / DC converter, But now power IC includes DC / DC, LDO, battery charge and discharge management, PWM controller, reset, PFC, energy saving control, power MOSEFT and so on. The development trend of power IC is not limited to a single function, but integrates various functions, so power IC is also known as power management IC.