Weizhao 10 MOS are adopted by Huawei 40W super fast charging Wireless charger

1、 Huawei 40W super fast charging Wireless charger released

On March 26, 2020, Huawei released three models of P40, P40 pro and P40 PRO + and launched a new 40W super fast charging Wireless charger, becoming the first commercial 40W wireless fast charging accessory on the market. This not only enriches the peripheral accessories of wireless charging mobile phone, but also means that the high-power wireless fast charging technology of mobile phone tends to be mature, which plays a positive role in promoting the development of wireless charging technology of mobile phone.

Huawei 40W super fast charging vertical wireless charger adopts a new design, which perfectly combines metal material, PC material and high gloss glass, and exudes a full sense of science and technology. It is understood that Huawei has only launched horizontal wireless charger and vehicle wireless charging bracket before, so the launch of this vertical wireless charger has further enriched Huawei's accessories in this field, and users have more choices.

2、 Huawei 40W super fast charging Wireless charger is built with 10 Weizhao MOS. During the disassembly of this wireless charger, the charging head network found that it adopts double coil design, with the power management chip of Nanxin and the wireless charging master chip of easyc. It is equipped with active cooling system to solve the heating problem of wireless charger and mobile phone; The materials and workmanship of the products have reached the first-class level in the industry.

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What's more, Huawei's 40W super fast charging Wireless charger also uses 10 MOS with megabyte semiconductors, including 8 vs3618ae and 2 vs3506ae. Weizhao MOS not only has a large amount of usage in this product, but also has rich application scenarios. This also proves the high performance and high reliability of Weizhao MOS. It is understood that Huawei 40W super fast charging Wireless charger is equipped with two PMOS of Verizon semiconductor at the input end for input protection. The product model is vs3506ae.

In the part of DC-DC power supply, four Verizon semiconductors vs3618ae are used to realize voltage up and down conversion with Nanxin sc8701. In addition, four Verizon vs3618ae are used for coil drive of wireless charger.

Summary of charging head network

Founded in 2012, Verizon semiconductor focuses on the research of power device technology and the development of high-performance power supply solutions, as well as the R & D and production of high performance and high reliability high, medium and low voltage MOSFETs and ultra-low conduction voltage Schottky transistors.

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According to the previous disassembly of charging head network, Weizhao vs3506ae has been used by ravpower 45W Gan fast charging charger before; Weizhao vs3618ae has successively cooperated with the development of Huawei 27W super fast charging Wireless car charger, Xiaomi wireless car charger, Xiaomi wireless power bank, nut cake type wireless charging stand, Meizu wireless charger and other wireless charging products, as well as Xiaomi 65W USB PD fast charging charger, Zimi 10000mah USB PD fast charging mobile power supply and other fast charging products.

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In the field of consumer power supply, Weizhao MOS not only can be seen everywhere, but also frequently enters the supply chain of related products of world-famous brands, which shows its excellent product quality.